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Challenges & Requirements

The transportation system is a comprehensive one that encompasses the operating vehicles and the components of the transport networks such as stations and command centers. Land vehicles that typically require industrial-grade storage solutions are trucks, buses, trains and heavy-duty tractors, all of which routinely perform work that put immense strain on the machinery. Throughout their operations, these vehicles experience drastic temperature changes, environmental disturbances and hazardous weather conditions.
To keep the vehicle functioning properly, in-vehicle applications need to withstand the harshest environments and ever-changing conditions. Therefore, in-vehicle applications have certain common requirements: wide operating temperatures, long-term data retention, repetitive power cycling, shock and vibration resistance.

The other components of the transportation system need to receive information from these vehicles and send corresponding commands in real time. This ability requires robust storage solutions that prioritize data processing and integrity.


Cervoz has a family of storage solutions designed for in-vehicle applications. The T376 SSD complies with the ISO-16750 for road vehicles, guaranteeing optimal performance even in the event of shock and vibration. Furthermore, the SSD is tried-and-tested to withstand extreme temperatures from -40˚C to 85˚C. Other technologies, such as the Cervoz Powerguard (a power loss protection) and various Flash features, that protect data integrity even in situations with unstable power supply.

Cervoz memory solutions complement the SSD to support the processing of volume of data that the other components of the transportation network receive and send.


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