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Challenges & Requirements

Servers are the backbone of computing. These machines, whether physical or virtual, facilitate the smooth running of a computer program or process by sharing data. Their importance to the function of all computing applications is undeniable. A good server must meet three key requirements: 24-hour, non-stop performance, reliability and endurance. To meet the criteria, a good server needs, at its core, top-quality data storage capabilities and capacities at a competitive price.



Cervoz's Reliability-Optimized MLC (RO-MLC) SSD products delivers on reliable performance while being cost-effective. RO-MLC is significantly more powerful than the typical MLC but comes at a fraction of the price of the typical SLC. These Cervoz SSDs have all been tested to ensure reliability and endurance. Other than RO-MLC, Cervoz Flash modules come available with SLC, MLC, and TLC technology, presenting a variety of offerings to meet customer needs.

The development of 3D NAND technology has made TLC products with large storage capacities much more cost-effective, which has benefitted server and cloud computing businesses tremendously.


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