Parking Lot Solutions

NEWS 2021.12.08

Parking Lot Solutions

Parking lots and garages have been around since we can remember. As automobiles and motorcycle ownership became commonplace, the infrastructure that house them did too.

Most parking facilities nowadays adopt self-service vending machines where people can park their cars, get a token and then pay when they are ready to leave or even more convenient with a machine at the front of the gate that scans the license plate and generates a ticket to be paid later. With the rising popularity of electric vehicles, many of these parking lots are also being equipped with EV charging stations. All of these operations add to the list of tasks parking lot systems need to handle.

As mentioned above, these parking lot self-service vending machines need to keep track of a lot of information, such as which parking spaces are occupied, how long each space has been occupied, etc. For charging stations, the overall managing system will need to know how much kilowatt-hour of energy is being used.

  Automatic License Plate Recognition
   Parking Space Availability Display

  EV Charging Stations

  Self-service Parking Payment Kiosk

Cervoz recommends its special technology SSDs such as the military-grade M339 or its Powerguard M336 or T376. The military-grade SSD has a number of security functions that prevent hacking or tampering and ensures that data is kept safe both for the parking lot and the customers' benefit. The Powerguard SSD preserves data integrity in a different way—by providing an extra boost of energy in case of a power outage so that any data being processed at the moment can find its way safely written into the device.


This was one of our first experiences working in smart animal husbandry, and it has been a great example of how our products for storage are useful as the livestock and agricultural industry look to automate.

Outdoor parking lots face the unique challenges of the environment, whether it be extreme temperatures, rain or even snow. All three of these families of SSDs can come with conformal coating, thus allowing them to be protected from environmental factors such as moisture, dust, chemicals, and sunlight. To further boost system performance, customers can pair the storage solutions with the Cervoz DDR4 DRAM, or the upcoming DDR5 DRAM, that can also be equipped with conformal coating.

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