Cervoz New Low-profile, Dual 10G Ethernet PCIe Ports with PoE+ Module

NEWS 2023.11.01

The Simpler Path to Embrace 10G Networks

Industrial Expansion Card_MEC-LAN- PL502P

Cervoz New Low-profile, Dual 10G Ethernet PCIe Ports with PoE+ Module

Meeting the Growing Demand for 10GbE Industrial Applications
As industries continue to embrace automation, IoT devices, and data-intensive applications, the need for faster and more robust Ethernet connectivity has become the rule, not the exception. Cervoz proudly presents its new 2-Port 10GbE PCIe Ethernet Card with PoE+ Module, MEC-LAN-PL502P. Tailored for growing 10GbE industrial applications, MEC-LAN-PL502P is engineered to boost the smooth transfer of large, high-resolution files and ensure uninterrupted data flow for all high-bandwidth vision-related applications.

Ultra-Fast Connectivity with PCIe 2-Port 10GbE
With quad-lane (x4) PCI-Express support and the utilization of a PCIe Gen 3.0 interface, this card boasts data transfer speeds of up to 10Gb/s per port. This exceptional feature guarantees lightning-fast data transfer rates and unmatched reliability. Whether transferring large files, streaming high-definition media, or running bandwidth-intensive applications, this card facilitates these tasks seamlessly. 

Streamlining Cable Infrastructure through PoE
In addition to providing high-performance connectivity, MEC-LAN-PL502P features dual isolated GbE LAN ports and dual independent PSE channels which comply with IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at standards, delivering up to 25.5W at 50V per PoE port. With its combination of 10GbE and PoE+ module power supply, whether you're setting up high-resolution or high-speed industrial cameras or IoT devices, this feature simplifies installations, reduces cable clutter, and enhances efficiency.

Low Profile, High Impact: Space-Efficient Design
In industrial applications, where compact and fanless systems are paramount, space-saving is on par with the emphasis on performance and speed. MEC-LAN-PL502P, a low-profile Ethernet card, is designed with a compact footprint, making it an ideal choice for systems with limited space without sacrificing performance. This design ensures compatibility with various form factors, allowing you to maximize your infrastructure's potential.

Product Features

▪  Fully Compliant with PCI-Express Base Specification Rev. 3.0.
▪  Integrated 100Mbps/1000Mbps/10Gbps Transceiver.
▪  Support Dual Isolated GbE LAN Ports.
▪  Complies with IEEE 802.3at,up to 25.5W at 50V per PoE Port w/ 6pin PCIE-ATX.
▪  External PoE+ Module Power Supply.
▪  Standard Bracket Installed, Low-Profile Bracket Included.

Applications Across Diverse Fields
The versatility of the PCIe 2-Port 10GbE Low Profile Ethernet Card with PoE+ Module extends to various industries and applications:

Applications Across Diverse Fields

Elevate your security infrastructure with high-speed data transfer for IP cameras and PoE support for surveillance equipment.

Applications Across Diverse Fields

Seamlessly connect vision-relative devices in machine vision settings for real-time image processing and analysis.

Applications Across Diverse Fields

Optimize server connectivity and reduce cable clutter in data centers for improved performance and scalability.

Unlock the Future of Industrial Networking with Cervoz
Are you searching for seamless connectivity solutions to power your high-bandwidth vision-related applications and facilitate the speedy transfer of large-volume files?  Look no further! Elevate your networking capabilities today with this industrial networking solution that promises speed, power, and efficiency like never before.

For more information on Cervoz's MEC-LAN-PL502P, please visit Cervoz or contact us.

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