Passenger Information Display Solutions

NEWS 2022.09.07

Passenger Information Display Solutions

Cervoz Granting Passengers the Smooth Journey They Deserve

Always Up to Date

In a fast-growing tech-dependent world, travelers demand the most up-to-date, real-time transport information.

The passenger information display offers all travelers a variety of information, not only train or flight-related, but also fruitful daily information such as news, weather forecast, and advertisements. Based on different data sources, the passenger information display continuously shows visual content to passengers in real-time: arrivals, departures and delays.

Challenge & Requirement

However, Passenger Information Display Systems (PIDS) face a variety of challenges; for storage and memory requirements, products need to overcome the below challenges:
  Service stability under indoor-to-outdoor temperature operations.
  Withstand outdoor environmental hazards such as dust, humidity, and vibration.
  Mass real-time travel information transmission.

Based on the specific requirements above, Cervoz memory and storage products are the right choice for PIDS. 

Cervoz's Solution & Advantage

Considering that the Passenger information display systems (PIDS) must be operated indoors or outdoors, Cervoz T380 family that offers both high performance, large capacity, and wide temperature support (-40°C~ 85°C) with conformal coatingand anti-vibration fill value-added services which allow products against, moisture, dust, and vibration. T380 family also provides high transmission speed ability to meet the requirement of presenting real-time travel information, public announcement and advertisements for passengers. On the software front, the Cervoz FlashMonitor is a monitoring software that shows in real time how Cervoz storage modules are doing in the passenger information display systems. This trusted software presents important information such as disk capacity, temperature, and health status (including power cycle count and estimated lifespan).


To add more endurance, we recommend the Cervoz DDR4 DRAM module for increased performance and durability. It has a small form factor, very low power consumption and is reliable. It also comes in the wide temperature series, to facilitate the speedy transmission of volumes of data. All features make it ideal for space-constrained industrial applications, including PIDS.

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