Shops of the Future

BLOG 2022.09.21

Shops of the Future

When Covid is over, all of us are going out. Cooped up in our homes, we are ready for sun, fresh air, and human interaction. Despite increasing consumer preference for online shopping, brick-and-mortar stores are here to stay. Post-Covid, going to a retail store will be an excursion, an excuse to spend time outside after probably more than a year of doing almost everything at home. So, what will the post-Covid store look like?

The Tech Trends Shape the Future of the Retail
Many trend forecasters and retailers expect technology to be an integral part of the future store, even perhaps the highlight. In other words, physical stores will focus on retailtainment, a combination of retail and entertainment wherein experiencing and engaging with the product is key.

AR/VR, AI-driven Facial Recognition Redefined In-store Experience
The use of AR/VR technology, for instance, is a way that consumers can engage with a product like never before without leaving the confines of the store. Other technological applications include AI-driven facial recognition to enhance the personalized shopping experience.

Smart Mirrors Reflect New Ways to Shop
Of course, a valuable lesson we have learned from Covid is that we can do with being more hygienic. Makeup samples and testers, while previously a staple at most pharmacies and drugstores, are being replaced because of their role in spreading germs and bacteria. This shift could take advantage of the technology of smart mirrors so that customers can see what the product looks like on them without actually trying it on. 

Unmanned 24/7 Stores
Technology can provide a more convenient, expedient, and hygienic shopping experience through contactless payments, self-service checkout, and even unmanned stores which meet customers’ demand optimally and operate stores economically. As more and more vaccines start rolling out and hopefully more regions get their Covid cases under control, retail businesses are looking to reopen. The key to a successful reopening is to focus on the experience, making consumers feel safe and stimulated by what the store can offer that online platform can’t.  

Retailers are constantly looking for a competitive edge and better ways to reach customers, more efficient customer journeys, and opportunities to proactively meet customer needs. Brick-and-mortar retail must be re-imagined to stay alive so that consumers could enjoy global experiences, interactions, and social connections in a networked physical setting close to home.