Titan Series (TLC)

M.2 2242

Cervoz M.2 2242 target embedded applications which require storage in small, removable form factors. Cervoz Embedded modules withstand high shock and vibration and offer superior performance and endurance. Meanwhile, Cervoz Value-Added Service, Anti-Vibration Fill, improves resistance against the double pull-out force and Conformal Coating effectively protects against moisture and dust in harsh environments.

Cervoz_M.2 2242

Titian (TLC) Series adopts the latest 3D NAND technology to meet high performance and big capacity industrial application needs.

Model No. Interface Compliance Density Sequential Read Sequential Write
T380 Family
SATA III 6.0Gb/s 64GB ~ 1TB up to 550MB/s up to 510MB/s
T425 Family
NVMe (B+M key)
PCIe Gen3x2 64GB ~ 1TB up to 1630MB/s up to 1455MB/s
T421 Family
NVMe (B+M key)
PCIe Gen3x2 120GB ~ 1920GB up to 1780MB/s up to 1640MB/s
T405 Family
NVMe (M key)
PCIe Gen3x4 64GB ~ 1TB up to 2065MB/s up to 1660MB/s
T435 Family
NVMe (M key) with DRAM Buffer
PCIe Gen3x4 128GB ~ 1TB up to 2035MB/s up to 1840MB/s