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Solutions for Smart EV Chargers

Transportation is Going Electric
Have you noticed that there is an ongoing revolution around your daily commute?
As governments successively announce policies targeting zero-emissions transportation, electric vehicles (EVs) are now snowballing in global popularity and market, around 160% increase in sales in H1 of 2021 compared to 2020, and is estimated to keep expanding significantly for the upcoming years. While the popularity and market of EVs continue to rise, so do electric vehicle chargers.
*According to Canalys and GlobeNewswire reports.
Interconnected Smart EV Charging
Interconnectivity is trending in transportation, such as vehicles to home (V2H), vehicles to grid (V2G), even vehicles to everything (V2X). The trend has shaped the development of EV charging from fixed-point stations to widespread interoperable units, from standalone to interconnected Smart EV Charging devices.
Smart EV chargers are interconnected while sharing a data connection with electric vehicles and their operators. The interoperability allows vehicle owners to track charging progress remotely and know nearby chargers' vacancies during their drive. In addition, interconnected EV chargers allow operators to conduct cloud-based and scalable management, real-time monitor, remote software update, and optimize electricity distribution.


Challenges and Cervoz Solutions

Since drivers who use EV chargers are usually active, dynamic, and on-the-road, status information from a Smart EV charging devices such as vacancy and malfunction is required to be real-time, prompt, and reliable. Thus, the Smart EV charging operators who can provide instant and reliable services are able to maximize operational benefits and attract more EV drivers to use their service.

Cervoz Industrial Embedded Modules are able to assure the data transmission in real-time and reliable. The T405 Family, are a series of SSD products compliant with PCIe Gen 3x4, available in M.2 2242 and 2280 form factors. The NVM Express compliance enables the series to read and write at their maximum speed. The T405 Family uses 3D TLC flash memory from Micron, the industry-leading manufacturer, to achieve smaller cell sizes, higher circulation speed, and power efficiency. There is also the T435 Family who owns all the above features and comes with a specially designed DRAM buffer to optimize storage endurance and lifespan.

Most of the EV chargers locate outdoor, facing diverse weather. Meanwhile, electrical equipment as such is usually with high operating temperature.
Cervoz flash modules support wide operating temperatures (-40˚C~85˚C), enabling them to work perfectly within extreme environmental conditions. Also, an in-house developed conformal coating is optional and compliant to all our embedded products, protecting storage against outdoor environment challenges such as moisture, dust, thermal shocks, and sunlight.

Cervoz offers comprehensive solutions for overheating, including the Dynamic Thermal Throttling mechanism, which activates automatically to cool the device down. On the hardware front, Cervoz provides additional heat dissipation solutions for high data transmitting products like T405 and T435.

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