Blog Post: Cervoz Updates

A lot happened in the first half of 2021. In case you missed it, we recapped the major headlines in our industry in our previous post. Now that we are officially halfway through the year, here are a few exciting things to look forward to from Cervoz in the second half.

An updated SSD enclosure design

Cervoz released a Product Change Notification on June 7th announcing that we had begun phasing in a new enclosure design for the 2.5" SATA SSD Titan Series. The new enclosure adopts a completely black exterior with a sandblasted finish and the outlines of the signature Cervoz yellow and blue stripes. The sleek new look serves to differentiate the Titan Series, which uses the latest TLC technology, from the series that preceded it. 

Sidenote: This update has no effect on the SSDs’ functionality or performance, and thus customers can rest assured that there will be no impact on their applications.

A range of new MEC products 

On the technology front, we are in the final stages of getting six new MEC products tested and certified. These products are the mini PCIe MEC-LAN-101i (1 port) and MEC-LAN-102i (2 port); the M.2 MEC-LAN-2001i (1 port) and MEC-LAN-2002i (2 port); and the M.2 MEC-COM-2012 (2 port RS232) and M.2 MEC-USB-2002 (2 port USB3.0). These MEC products add more form factors to Cervoz’s current offerings to cater to our customers’ needs.

The new LAN (ethernet) cards adopt an isolation design whereby the input and output circuits are electrically and physically separated to prevent any interference or harm to the device from the power source. As such, all the new, soon-to-launch LAN cards comply with both the IEC-61000-4-2 and the IEC-61000-4-5 standards for electrostatic discharge and surge immunity, respectively.

There is no set date for when these products will be available, but we will be putting out more information in Q3, so stay tuned.

A redesigned website

Still the same URL, the official Cervoz website is getting a major UI/UX upgrade. We have paired up with a leading local website design firm to create a modern, user-friendly website for your convenient browsing. As we work on the presentation and navigation of the website, we are also updating the content to provide more informational material for existing and potential customers to learn more about different application uses of our products and the technologies behind each solution.

We are scheduled to launch the new website in Q4. The actual date the new site will go live will be revealed on LinkedIn, so follow us to be the first to know.


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