Cervoz Unveils PCIe Low-Profile Ethernet Card to Power Next-Gen Factory Automation

NEWS 2024.05.08

Cervoz Unveils PCIe Low-Profile Ethernet Card to Power Next-Gen Factory Automation

New Product MEC-LAN-PL104-1

The Need for Space-Saving Connectivity

As global manufacturing embraces Industry 4.0, factory automation systems are rapidly evolving to become more connected, intelligent and space-efficient. However, this transformation also brings forth new challenges for industrial networking. Advanced automation equipment demands comprehensive Ethernet connectivity, while the enclosures housing these critical systems are shrinking to maximize workspace, leaving no room for traditional bulky networking cards.

Introducing the Cervoz MEC-LAN-PL104

Addressing this industry-wide challenge, Cervoz is pleased to introduce the MEC-LAN-PL104. This PCIe Ethernet card packs four independent Gigabit Ethernet ports in a low-profile design, enabling seamless integration of multi-port network capabilities into space-constrained automation platforms for system integrators.

Why Cervoz MEC-LAN-PL104?

The MEC-LAN-PL104's key advantages stem directly from the challenges facing modern factory automation:

Space Optimization 

Measuring a mere 68.90 x 121.50 mm (W x L), the MEC-LAN-PL104 boasts a compact design even smaller than most standard low-profile offerings (68.90 x 167.65 mm). This allows for effortless integration into the tightest industrial PC enclosures and control panels, preserving valuable cabinet space for other critical components.
New Product MEC-LAN-PL104-2
Multi-Port Network Capabilities 
The MEC-LAN-PL104's four independent Gigabit Ethernet ports provide the high-density connectivity needed to support multiple vision systems, HMIs, and PLCs. This quad-port design offers a cost-effective solution for integrating access to numerous networks from a single workstation.

Rugged Reliability 

Engineered to withstand the rigors of the factory environment, the MEC-LAN-PL104 leverages an Intel® Ethernet Controller I210 to operate reliably across 0°C to 70°C temperature range without the need for active cooling. Its robust build guarantees uninterrupted networking performance.
New Product MEC-LAN-PL104-3

Product Features

New Product MEC-LAN-PL104-4
  • PCIe Gen.2 x 4 host interface
  • Integrated 10/100/1000Mbps transceiver
  • Compact low-profile design @ 68.90x121.50 mm (W x L)
  • Wake-on-LAN support
  • 0°C~70°C operating temperature range
  • Standard bracket installed, low-profile bracket included

Empowering the Connected Factory of the Future
For automation system integrators and industrial PC manufacturers building the connected factories of the future, the Cervoz MEC-LAN-PL104 is an essential solution. By providing multi-port Ethernet connectivity in an ultra-compact, industrial-grade design, this PCIe Ethernet card empowers the next generation of space-saving automation platforms.

To learn more about the Cervoz MEC-LAN-PL104 and how it can benefit your factory automation projects, visit cervoz.com or contact us today.

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