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Cervoz develops, produces and markets industrial storage and memory products for the professional, critical, and diverse industrial applications. Established in 2006, Cervoz specializes in embedded components for the demanding Industrial PC market and has built up our industry experience for over a decade. We deeply understand this industry, and thus are able to offer our high quality embedded products with legacy and mainstream technology, long-term availability, BOM (bill of material) control, high reliability and top compatibility.

Smart Farming Solutions

Cervoz solutions for a functional IoT ecosystem and better harvest.

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TLC Flash Solutions

Cervoz TLC flash solutions for safeguarding patient health and data.

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Thermal Imaging System Solutions

Cervoz Supports the speed & accuracy of your thermal imaging systems.

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In-Vehicle Solutions

Cervoz’s advanced technology keeps your in-vehicle applications running on the bumpy road ahead

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5G Application Solutions

5G, Edge Computing & the Way of the Future : How to Get Ready with Cervoz

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Making Memories for Industry

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  • 05-05-2021

    Kitchen Automation Solutions

    Even during a pandemic, we all have to eat. While some of us have the admirable resolve to cook every day, most of us get takeout at least once in a while. Eating at home certainly reduces the risk of catching the coronavirus, but many restaurants are stepping up their preventative measures to protect their customers by introducing robot cooks and automated kitchens.    Kitchen automation is a process that was already underway since before the Covid-19 pandemic. However, as many media outlets have reported, the coronavirus has seriously accelerated adoption of smart robotics in restaurant kitchens. Automation is uniquely positioned to address the challenges of labor shortage and food safety that many restaurants are facing due to covid. What storage solutions, then, are uniquely qualified to be used in these smart applications for the automated kitchen?       Whether it's oil, water, or smoke, there are a number of environmental factors that cooking robots are constantly exposed to. Thus, the embedded components inside need to be able to operate successfully under these conditions, so that the cooking robots can churn out dish after dish of delicious food without mistake. Other requirements include fast-processing speed and data integrity that one would expect to get restaurant orders right and serve up the right dish with the same quality always.                                                          Cervoz solutions can surely stand the heat and anything else that might be found inside a typical kitchen. For automated kitchens, we have SSDs in the T385 Family and the T376 Family, both of which are available in the wide temperature versions that can withstand extreme temperatures of -40˚C to 85˚C. Both SSDs can be equipped with conformal coating, Cervoz's technology to effectively protect component parts from moisture, dust, chemicals, and sunlight.    What sets the two families of SSDs apart is their intended function. The T385 comes with a DRAM buffer, so it is ideal for kitchens that may be taking in large and complex orders. The DRAM buffer improves both the flash product's performance and endurance.   The T376 comes with the Cervoz Powerguard, which protects against sudden power loss. If your kitchen is one that produces packaged foods around the clock for vending machines or convenience stores, then the T376 can help save any data being processed in the event of a power outage. This in turn ensures that everything will return to smooth operations once power is back on.   To avoid any unnecessary network cables in the kitchen, use the Cervoz M.2  WiFi card in automated kitchen applications. The MEC product allows for a stable network connection to transmit instructions and data to and from the cooking robots.   For more information on Cervoz kitchen automation solutions, contact our Sales Rep now!  

  • 29-04-2021

    Blog Post: Q&A with FAE

    Customer support can be annoying, especially when it is an automated system. Thank goodness our customer support system is 100 percent human-supported. Guided by our value of taking full responsibility for our customers’ experience, we are here to help you fix your issue. I spoke to our in-house field application engineer (FAE) to get a sense of how the process typically goes. Q: How do customers contact you about a potential issue?  A: Our sales representatives are our point of contact for any potential issue customers may have with Cervoz product in application. We believe that since customers have already developed a relationship with their specific sales rep, this allows for a more comfortable customer support process. All a customer has to do is reach out to their sales representative via email, and the FAE team will be notified immediately of the issue. Q. Once an issue has been flagged, what happens next? A: The FAE team will work in conjunction with the customer’s sales rep to learn more about the problem the customer is experiencing. We will ask questions about the issue—like if the device is not recognizing the SSD—to understand what the problem is. Information we will require includes a brief description of the problem, usage scenario and system configuration so that we can simulate the same conditions remotely and run tests to figure out a solution. With our proprietary FlashMonitor software, this whole process is actually made quite simple as the real-time monitoring system uses its Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) to provide key figures about the module and its disk health. We can take this information, provided by the customer, to understand what the issue may be. Most of the time, we are able to resolve these issues like this—remotely. Q. What happens in the event that you cannot fix an issue remotely? A: We will ask the customer to mail us a few samples of the application device or their host computer for us to have a better look to find the root cause of the issue. Customers would go through our standard return material authorization (RMA) process to fill out a request form before mailing it back to us. Customers can find detailed information about the warranty for each line of products on our website. Q: On average, how long does each case take once you have received the device? A: Once received, my team will issue an initial assessment report within 3 working days. This report acknowledges receipt of what the customer has sent us and details initial tests we have run to try to figure out what’s wrong. We also conduct tests by requests, so customers are welcome to let us know which additional tests they may want done. After that, it usually takes about 1 to 2 weeks to resolve the issue. Of course, some issues may take longer to resolve, but regardless, we really aim to provide our customers with a concrete fix and a hassle-free experience.  

  • 21-04-2021

    Cervoz LinkedIn Page

    LinkedIn has really evolved from an online CV platform in the late 2000s to a professional network for career development, trending news, B2B marketing, and thought leadership. As a virtual community of professionals, it is unparalleled in the number of users on the platform.    In the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, we at Cervoz have chosen to use to LinkedIn as one of the primary ways to stay connected with our customers and industry peers. While we may not be able to meet with you physically at trade shows for a while, LinkedIn provides a way for us stay connected and for you to stay updated on everything Cervoz.                                This is everything from new product release to               This is the latest addition to the content Cervoz exciting company news. We share it on LinkedIn             produces. We write about the latest trends and  the moment it becomes available on our website             developments in the IPC and other related  and to our newsletter subscribers. Follow us on               industries. Follow us on LinkedIn so you know  LinkedIn so you always know what's new with                 what's going on in this giant ecosystem of ours. Cervoz.                            This is for those of you who want to know how                 This is when words and images are not enough   our storage solutions and embedded components              to show you our products' applications and uses.  can be and are being used. Follow us on LinkedIn             We make informational videos, accompanied with  to read about our success stories working with                  voiceover, to showcase our products and the  customers in a wide range of industries.                           technology behind them. Follow us on LinkedIn                                                                                      for these high-quality and informational videos.    Too long, didn't read? Just follow Cervoz on LinkedIn!  


  • 3D NAND Flash

    3D NAND is the latest in flash memory technology that has significantly increased performance and capacity for each unit of cell. While 2D NAND builds a flat, one-story cell structure, 3D NAND takes advantage of the space above, building a vertical structure that can therefore accomplish more. With 3D NAND flash, the SSD performs faster and better while consuming less power and costing less per GB. 3D NAND is developed and designed to overcome the limitations of current planar technology, accomplishing the aforementioned advantages without sacrificing product reliability.