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Cervoz develops, produces and markets industrial storage and memory products for the professional, critical, and diverse industrial applications. Established in 2006, Cervoz specializes in embedded components for the demanding Industrial PC market and has built up our industry experience for over a decade. We deeply understand this industry, and thus are able to offer our high quality embedded products with legacy and mainstream technology, long-term availability, BOM (bill of material) control, high reliability and top compatibility.

3D Printing Solutions

What storage solutions does Cervoz recommend for industrial 3D printing?

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Smart Traffic Management

Cervoz Flash and DRAM products for smart traffic management

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Data Security Solutions

Keep the guard up with Cervoz security firmware.

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New MEC-LAN Solutions

Cervoz launches new, flexible MEC-LAN solution with isolation technology.

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Success Story Submarine System

Why the Cervoz RO-MLC solution works for submarine systems

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Kitchen Automation Solutions

Stand the kitchen heat with Cervoz’s Flash solutions.

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Making Memories for Industry

Press Center

  • 20-10-2021

    3D Printing Solutions

    3D printing has come a long way since the first patent in the field was filed in the 1980s. Once used primarily for rapid prototyping, the technology can now be relied upon for full-fledged manufacturing. One of the key advantages of industrial 3D printing, as opposed to traditional modes of manufacturing, is that it uses only one machine to precisely create a product on a large scale. The reduced costs, fast turnaround, and high-level of precision associated with the technology make it a promising new way to approach manufacturing.                                                        In response to the growing number of enquiries about storage solutions for 3D printers, Cervoz is recommending the NVMe SSD from our T405 product family and the 2TB 2.5” SSD from our T380 product family for the OS and files, respectively. The T405 provides the fast operating speed needed for the 3D printer, and the T380 the reliability to process and read large volumes of data. To further help support the 3D printing process, Cervoz offers a range of latest-generation DDR4 DRAM modules in DIMM, SO-DIMM, and VLP-DIMM form factors. Our latest DDR5 products will launch towards the end of the year, new products that will be a good fit for 3D printers as well. Contact a Cervoz Sales Rep. to learn more!  

  • 13-10-2021

    Blog Post: Pros and Cons of NVMe

    NVM Express is the leading interface technology for the modern SSD. What makes NVMe such a powerful technology is that it enables SSDs to read and write at the full speed that they are capable of. Compared to its predecessor, the SATA, the latest PCIe Gen5 products enjoy up to 26 times the transmission speed. Without getting too technical, we will explain why NVMe operates faster and better for large volumes of data. NVMe accesses non-volatile memory, as its name suggests, via the PCIe bus. Unlike SATA, PCIe connects directly to the application device, whereas SATA uses an intermediary. This design allows for lower latency and thus better data processing.                             The NVMe interface is also compatible with multiple form factors, which makes it ideal for many different application devices. Especially in servers where space is limited, an M.2 form factor would be ideal for the space constraint and the NVMe the optimal choice for processing server-volume data.                                           Of course, there are drawbacks to such a high level of performance. Namely, such fast operations can quickly lead to overheating and thus questionable reliability. This is really where, like most choices to be made in tech, customers must choose: high performance versus high reliability. Like we usually say with most products or technology, it really depends on the customer’s application needs.  For servers, cloud computing, or other high-volume processing needs, we would recommend NVMe interface. To address the issue of overheating, Cervoz offers a number of heat dissipation features and mechanisms. These firmware and hardware solutions ensure that users can take advantage of the speed of NVMe without sacrificing on reliability.  

  • 06-10-2021

    Smart Traffic Management

    Traffic congestion is one of the most universal problems people living in cities face on a regular basis. Not only is it bad for the nerves, but heavy traffic can delay business operations and contribute to air pollution. This is why a major focus of governments planning their smart cities is traffic management.  Smart traffic management is the use of smart, IoT devices such as sensors cameras and routers to collect information about traffic conditions and adjust control signals such as traffic lights and highway message boards accordingly. Each device collects and transmits a unique set of data, including travel speeds and potential congestion, so the system can make the right decision to prevent heavy traffic and promote a smooth commute.         However, processing prowess alone is not enough. The application devices-the sensors and cameras-using these modules are located outdoors, where they are subjected to heat, rain and other environmental conditions. The modules need to withstand all these challenges while functioning at their prime.                                                                 The Cervoz T376 family of storage products is equipped with the transmission capabilities and protective technology to meet these challenges. Designed with a list of features, the high IOPS, TLC-technology storage modules come in a wide temperature version with thermal sensors, conformal coating, a DRAM buffer, and the Cervoz Powerguard (power loss protection). Together, these features allow the T376 products to operate at their best regardless of the outside temperature or conditions. To add more endurance to performance, the Cervoz DDR4 SO-DIMM is the latest generation DRAM module that complements the Flash modules. Paired together, this Cervoz duo provides the storage solutions for a smart traffic management ecosystem that is meant to make the city less congested and less polluted. Contact a Cervoz Sales Rep. to learn more!  


  • 3D NAND Flash

    3D NAND is the latest in flash memory technology that has significantly increased performance and capacity for each unit of cell. While 2D NAND builds a flat, one-story cell structure, 3D NAND takes advantage of the space above, building a vertical structure that can therefore accomplish more. With 3D NAND flash, the SSD performs faster and better while consuming less power and costing less per GB. 3D NAND is developed and designed to overcome the limitations of current planar technology, accomplishing the aforementioned advantages without sacrificing product reliability.