Built for the Military - Cervoz Delivery Mission-Critical Solutions

NEWS 2023.08.09

Built for The Military - Delivering Mission-Critical Solutions

Built for The Military - Delivering Mission-Critical Solutions

Ensuring Safe and Reliable Completion of Rugged Missions

In modern warfare, electronic systems play a vital role in the daily operations of soldiers and military personnel, enabling effective communication, navigation, and the collection of war intelligence. Hence, military electronics have emerged as crucial in modern military engagements. These military devices rely on top-notch components and assemblies that deliver high performance and never fail, even in the most challenging environments. To guarantee the success of every mission, manufacturers serving these military devices must prioritize ruggedness, compactness, durability, and safety.

To address these stringent requirements, Cervoz presents the Military Grade SSD-M339, which combines Cervoz's expertise with outstanding reliability, security, and performance. This SSD is specifically designed to excel in the harshest environments, making it the perfect choice for military devices or defense and aerospace industries, such as radar systems, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Satellites.

Built for The Military - Delivering Mission-Critical Solutions

Main Challenges of SSD in Defense and Aerospace

Robust Data Storage
Defense and aerospace applications require data storage that can handle constant reading and writing operations under extreme conditions. This poses a challenge to the durability of SSD products, necessitating robust and reliable storage solutions.
Top-level Data Security
Ensuring the security of mission-critical and confidential data is paramount for national survival. Therefore, SSD solutions should prioritize top-level data security, including the capability to trigger data erasure or physical destruction in critical situations.

Meeting the Challenge of Mission-Critical Applications
Cervoz Military Grade SSD-M339

MIL-STD-810G Compliant
The Cervoz Military Grade SSD-M339 complies with the U.S. Military Standard- MIL-STD-810G and has successfully undergone rigorous tests, ensuring its ability to maintain normal operation under extreme conditions. From high and low temperatures to humidity changes, powerful vibrations, and impacts, this SSD remains resilient, providing unmatched reliability in challenging environments.
Unmatched Performance & Stability
The Cervoz Military Grade SSD-M339 utilizes industrial-grade wide-temperature ICs sourced directly from the original manufacturers. This ensures superior performance and stability, enabling the SSD to endure extreme temperature variations (-40˚C to +85˚C) commonly experienced in defense and aerospace applications. Additionally, the M339 features the Powerguard function to protect against data loss during an improper power failure.
Multi-Layered Data Protection
The Cervoz Military Grade SSD-M339 ensures the highest level of security with a comprehensive suite of data protection technologies and features. It includes a Write Protect function to prevent accidental or malicious alterations to stored data, preserving data integrity and preventing unauthorized modifications.  This feature is particularly critical in defense applications where data integrity is of utmost importance.

Additionally, the SSD-M339 offers a Quick Erase feature for the swift and secure erasure of sensitive data within seconds. This capability minimizes the risk of information falling into the wrong hands during system decommissioning or reassignment.

To enhance security further, the SSD-M339 incorporates a Self-Physical Destruction mechanism that can be remotely activated or triggered in emergencies. This mechanism guarantees the complete destruction of stored data, protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access, especially in the event of a lost or stolen device.

The Cervoz SSD-M339 employs AES-256 bit Encryption, one of the strongest encryption algorithms available, to enhance data security during storage and transmission. This military-grade encryption technology mitigates the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.

With these multi-layered data protection features, the Cervoz Military Grade SSD-M339 provides robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information in critical applications.

Elevating Your Aerospace and Defense Operations

When it comes to aerospace and defense applications, the Cervoz Military Grade SSD-M339 emerges as the unrivaled solution. With its MIL-STD-810G compliance, Wide-Temp. operating abilityPowerguard and Multi-layered security technologies, this SSD guarantees exceptional reliability, security, and performance. By choosing the Cervoz Military Grade SSD-M339, manufacturers serving these military devices can confidently power their toughest aerospace and defense applications, knowing that their data is safeguarded and their systems can withstand the harshest conditions.

Experience the unparalleled combination of reliability and security with the Cervoz Military Grade SSD-M339 and elevate your aerospace and defense operations to unprecedented levels of excellence.

For more information on the Cervoz Military Grade SSD Solution, please visit Cervoz's website or contact us directly.
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