Industrial M.2 Solution

NEWS 2022.10.19

Industrial M.2 Solutions for AIoT Applications

Cervoz M.2 Solutions for Data Storage and Embedded Expansions

The M.2 data storage and expansion card is gaining more popularity in motherboards and IoT- related devices where compact space is constrained and limited. This trend is moving faster than ever to meet the increasing demands for faster processing in AIoT devices or more intelligent IoT devices. Cervoz industrial-grade M.2 serial products include edge storage and embedded modular expansion solutions for AIoT applications, which require durability, reliabilityversatility, and high performance without sacrificing compactness. 

M.2 SSD Solutions
Ultra-Thin Storage Solution for Critical Industrial Applications

Cervoz Industrial  M.2 SSDs solution comes with a SATA III and PCIe interface and is available in 2242 and 2280 sizes. The SATA III interface comes with space-saving M.2 form factor, which is ideal for space-limited device, while PCIe 3x4 aims at high-end applications, which require constant processing heavy workloads with no system lags.
With future-ready, scalable NVMe architecture, Cervoz T405, T435 M.2 NVMe SSD family complies with PCIe Gen3x4 standards that allow five times faster sequential read/write speed than SATA III. As a result, these product series can support edge computing and other computing applications requiring higher computing performance.
Available soon, Cervoz M.2 NVMe PCIe Gen. 4x4 SSD offers twice the bandwidth and data transfer rate with significantly lower power consumption than the comparable model. It is designed for next-gent data-intensive industrial applications that require instant transmission and the process of high-quality data.

M.2 Expansion Solutions
Space Saving with Expanded Functionality

When system engineers face the problem of having found an embedded board with the ideal performance and the right form factor but lacking a single interface to meet all requirements. M.2 expansion cards will be the best solution because M.2 slots are now available on every embedded board and offer a space-saving solution with the appropriate expansion cards.

Cervoz offers a wide range of M.2 modular expansion card solutions, including Ethernet, Serial, USB and WiFi. The Cervoz M.2 cards are available in 2242, 2260 and 2280 form factors. While each product comes as an M.2 2280, it can be broken off into an M.2 2260, and then further into an M.2 2242. The flexibility satisfies the constraints, allowing easy integration and quick expansion of I/O port solutions for space-constrained applications such as compact embedded PCs and are the perfect fit for the next generation of AIoT applications. Further requirements besides M.2 expansion solutions, explore Cervoz a wide range of modular expansion cards (MEC).

For more information on Cervoz industrial M.2 SSDs and Modular Expansion Cards (MEC) , visit the product page at  Cervoz or contact us.

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