Success Story


  • 02-03-2022
    Success Story: Ship Engine Monitoring

      Case Background While the world's shipping industry emphasizes shipping safety, reliability, and economy, the requirement of ship equipment monitoring is also getting higher, including, of course, ship engine monitoring. Our customer is one of the leaders for industrial computer in Indonesia market. Their business focus on Industrial Computer, Automation & Control System and goal is to provide the most helpful industrial solutions to their customers. They executed a project, and its purpose were saving fuel consumption by way of real-time ship engine monitoring. Hence, they struggled to provide suitable storage solutions for the onboard computer systems on ships. Customer's Requirement           Cervoz's Solution & Advantage             Cervoz recommends the customer to adopt Powerguard SSD with power loss protection feature to prevent any unexpected power loss on ship caused by engine failures or extreme sea conditions.                                      Cervoz industrial wide-temp SSDs and memory modules which have been tested to withstand a wide range of temperature conditions, from -40˚C~85˚C can ensure its product performs well under any severe conditions for all-weather application.     Cervoz Conformal Coating and Anti-Vibration Fill value-added service on industrial-grade SSDs and memory modules allow its products against severe weather, moisture, corrosion, and huge with constant vibration.            Cervzo FlashMonitor, a flash disk monitor software, allows crew always stay on top of storage devices. It features an alert function whereby users can set up the tool to send an email and pop-up alerts when key SSD operation-related figures fall to or reach a pre-set threshold. Result The Cervoz storage solutions have helped our customer to provide reliable and durable products for the marine industry. Their goal of increasing fuel saving with real-time ship engine monitoring is now easier to achieve than ever. Contact a Cervoz Sales Rep. to learn more!  

  • 04-11-2021
    Success Story: Wearable Robotics

      Academia is often the source of innovation, especially in the field of health and medicine. This is why when a new, potential customer approached us, from a university department, we were intrigued with how we and our solutions could help make its innovative idea a reality.  The team at the university was developing wearable robotics—powered exoskeletons for the purposes of physical rehabilitation and human-power augmentation. The wearable technology not only focuses on rehabilitation with task-oriented training but also records progress with continuous monitoring. Altogether, the project promises a more targeted and flexible approach to physical rehab.           We recommended our MEC-LAN-M102, which uses the Intel Ethernet Controller I210-IT, has a high transmission speed of 1Gbps, and supports two Ethernet ports. At the time, this was Cervoz's only Ethernet product, but we knew that it was more than suitable for the customer's need. With a Mini PCIe form factor, the Ethernet card fits in any host computer with a mini express card slot, taking up little space while providing more connection options.                                              Since then, we have gone on to introduce four new MEC-LAN products with two that come in the M.2 form factor. We continue to maintain a relationship with this customer and many more who require MEC-LAN solutions, and we are committed to providing them with the one the best fits their needs.  Want to read more success stories from Cervoz? Click here now.

  • 23-09-2021
    Success Story: Livestock Feeding Solution

      As humans, we have been raising livestock for thousands of years. How we raise these animals affects the meat and other commodities they produce. Our customer is in the business of making raising livestock more effective. As a leader in its field, the company specializes in creating computerized systems for feeding livestock. These automated systems allow for the livestock to be fed with precision, which reduces waste and human labor while increasing the quality of the end product. The customer came to us looking for embedded solutions for this feeding system. The system is made up of a screen for setting up the feeding schedule, as well as the dispenser holding the feed and the different cables involved in providing power and connection.             Cervoz presented the customer with a comprehensive range of Flash storage form factors, from the smallest M.2 and half size mSATA to the mSATA and the standard 2.5” SSD. From there, we looked at storage solutions with different functions and benefits, including the cost-effective T380 Family, the high-endurance T385 Family, and the power loss protection Powerguard T376 Family. Ultimately, the customer chose the M.2 T405 for fast data processing for the OS and the 2.5” T376 SSD for large volume data storage and analysis. The combination of different form factors and TLC technology made this a cost-effective solution for the customer who would be using the pair for all of its machine units.  As for the expansion cards, we suggested using different solutions from our serial series, some that came with the MECFIX, a proprietary versatile mounting mechanism that gives more ports to the machine at different mounting angles. After deliberating, the customer chose the MEC-COM-M334 serial port which supports the RS232/RS422/RS485 3-in-1 function.                                                      This was one of our first experiences working in smart animal husbandry, and it has been a great example of how our products for storage are useful as the livestock and agricultural industry look to automate. Want to read more success stories from Cervoz? Click here now.

  • 16-06-2021
    Success Story: Submarine System

      A submarine is not something you see every day. Even in the IPC market, customers who work on application devices for submarines are rare, which is what makes this case study interesting.    Our customer is a leading manufacturer of monitoring and control systems for leisure and commercial vessels. Cervoz first met a representative from the company at a trade show in 2018. The customer was browsing for storage solutions suitable for its submarine systems, a search that developed into a longstanding relationship between the customer and Cervoz.      Our customer wanted a cheaper alternative to the SLC flash module without compromising on performance or reliability. Since submarines embark on mission-critical operations that can prove very dangerous if anything goes wrong, our customer needed to make sure that an alternative that could match SLC technology's performance was possible. If not, they would rather stick with the SLC products, even if they were more expensive. Upon learning of this customer's needs, we knew that our RO-MLC could be the right alternative. Cervoz RO-MLC products use MLC NAND but with a special firmware that manipulates cell storage at the block level such that it simulates SLC technology and each block's capacity is only half of that which MLC stores (2 bits per cell). The resulting module has enhanced endurance and reliability. For the submarine system, we recommended the 32GB R335 family storage module. We, with the technical support of our engineer team, provided the customer with information about the RO-MLC module's capabilities, such as data retention that is 5 times higher than the conventional MLC module's and reliability that is 10 times higher. These proved to the customer that the RO-MLC modules were more than enough to serve as an alternative to the SLC modules they were using at the time. Furthermore, the RO-MLC cost a fraction (4 to 6 times less) than the SLC.                      Throughout our partnership that continues since 2018, made possible because of our long-term product availability, the customer has also ordered our DDR3-SO DIMM to support their volatile memory needs. Both our Flash and DRAM modules can come with a layer of conformal coating which protects the product from moisture or other environmental factors an application device within a submarine may encounter.    Want to read more success stories from Cervoz? Click here now.

  • 24-02-2021
    Success Story: Pipeline Robots

      Pipelines run through our cities mostly unseen. They run underground, through buildings, and in our ceilings to form a network that facilitates the flow of gases, liquids and other fluids.  Our customer, a leading company specializing in machine vision and image system integration, is involved in helping to develop pipeline robots. These small-sized robots are used for inspection, cleaning, maintenance and repair of pipelines, which would otherwise be inaccessible. The robots serve an important role in ensuring public safety by identifying any issues that need fixing before pipes burst. The tight area inside the pipes requires the robots be small and heat-resistant while performing complex functions. Our customer asked us for storage solutions that could meet these requirements. In a nutshell, the storage modules needed to process data quickly and reliably without taking up too much space or breaking down in extreme temperatures. In short, the Cervoz solution we provided to our customer had the following, three key attributes: Cervoz offers a range of industrial embedded modules with different form factors. We recommended the M.2 2242/2280 T405 PCIe Gen 3x4 embedded module for pipeline robots. The T405 PCIe Gen 3x4 is 4 times faster at data processing than the standard SATA module, making it ideal for multi-tasking applications. Catering to the needs of the pipeline robots, the form factor is compact and can be fitted with a heatsink for heat dissipation. The product comes in a wide temperature version that can operate normally from -40˚C to 85˚C. If needed, Cervoz can apply conformal coating to the product to protect it from moisture or other environmental factors it may be exposed to inside the pipelines.    Contact a Cervoz Sales Rep. to learn more!  

  • 07-07-2020
    Success Story - Total Solution for KIOSK Application

      As the world is advancing to a new level of automation, one of the latest trends is smart unmanned retail store together with self-service Kiosk solution. Challenge  The client is dedicated in designing and manufacturing industrial PC, POS terminal and self-service kiosk systems for more than 20 years. Since 2018, the number of service kiosks has grown exponentially and the demand of related components has also increased significantly. In order to reduce the maintenance costs from the failure of peripheral products, the client is constantly looking for stable, reliable and cost-effective total solution for SSD, DRAM and Wi-Fi modules. Suggestion Retail service kiosk terminal application is mainly sited at indoor.  It normally takes a certain period of time for user to place a single order and must be connected to the backend network to deliver various data to the background management system for analysis. Usually the capacity of storage used in the terminal machine is not too big and it takes medium level performance storage to install OS and preserve some capacity for temporary data. In this case, we recommend the client to use Cervoz 3D TLC SSD Storage, DDR4 SO-DIMM Module, and Mini PCIe Wi-Fi module to integrate their hardware products.   Cervoz products are suitable for a total solution to effectively reduced client's management cost.  High reliable Storage, Memory and Wi-Fi Modules lead to highly stable systems.                  For more details, please contact your Cervoz sales representative now!  

  • 19-05-2020
    Success Story- How to Maintain and Enhance Your Smart Logistics Solution?

      As social distancing started to become the new norm for consumers, new data shows that demand for E-commerce is deliberately increased and exceeding historical records compared to the same period in previous years.  However, complexity of goods, diversity of order combinations with required efficiency for distribution and logistics are the major challenges behind E-commerce which need to be overcome.   Challenge Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is one of the links to newly bloomed “smart logistics”.  When central warehouse system receives a shipping order, it will analyze and locate the most nearby AGV robot to pick  up required products required for this order and issue a series of pick-up instructions to it. Scanning signage such as QR Codes on the ground to navigate itself throughout the warehouse and take the most efficient route or turn at a correct angle without collision to shelves or other AGV before reaching destination. Each AGV needs to accept instructions from its central command system anytime and respond to the movement and messages every second to achieve the most streamlined movement and maintain an high pick-up accuracy.   Suggestion Cervoz MLC M335 Family has various form factors, mSATA,  M.2 2280/ 2242 small size can be used in compact and all-in-one  computer, DRAM buffer design can process all kinds of small file  commands quickly, and meanwhile, it will enhance flash endurance  compare to standard flash storage. It suits working 24/7 and  constantly write-in environments just like AGV applications.                                                                 M335 Family mSATA, M.2 2280/ 2242 For more details, please contact your Cervoz Sales Representative now.  

  • 17-02-2020
    Success Story – SSD with Write Protect Function

      Cervoz Case Study - SSD with Write Protection Function With the increasing demand and development of the latest technology, the financial industry is facing complicated challenges, such as the issue of risk management, financial crime, network security, and customer private information protection.   The clients specializing in financial system integration, are eager to find a solution for data security and protection. Cervoz recommends the clients use our SSD with a write-protect function to protect important data. Cervoz's write-protect function is triggered by hardware. We designed a GPIO pin on the PCB which is connected to the SSD's controller. When the write-protect function activates, the controller will notify FTL (Flash Translation Layer) to avoid any written-in data.   The client can easily protect important data by turning on the write-protect (read-only) function. This function prevents data from tamper or being used maliciously.   Data Security                                                                                                 Personal Security              Network Security           Write Protect            Financial Crime  

  • 21-10-2019
    Success Story - Powerguard SSD Avoids Your Data Loss

      How Cervoz Powerguard SSD Avoids Your Data Loss Client's Application and Facing Issue The customer is a world-leading textile machine manufacturer exporting devices and systems all over the world. Since the terminal factory is located in incomplete public power facilities with unstable power supply problem which might damage the factory equipment.   Inexperienced factory operators could cause the equipment unexpected power outage. The complete system could be lost transferred data and cannot be restarted. This situation might cause bigger damage to the entire system and huge loss from factory shutdown. Cervoz Recommend     Related Products Industrial 2.5" SATA SSD ( M336 / R336 )            Industrial Embedded Module mSATA ( M336 / R336 ) Industrial M.2 2280 ( M336 )  

  • 18-07-2019
    Success Story_Cervoz FlashMonitor - Prevention is Better than Cure

      Prevention is Better than Cure Most users do not pay attention to the SSD's conditions until the problem and damage happened.   Nowadays, most industrial computers adopt SSD because of its reliability and excellent performance. The main difference between SSD and HDD is that SSD has a lifetime limitation based on its program/erase (P/E) cycle. The total amount of written data, SSD durability, and SSD usage all make a big impact on SSD longevity. In industrial applications, it is too late to prevent data loss, destruction, production shutdown or replacing cost when SSD gets problems. These significant losses can be prevented by using Cervoz FlashMonitor to predict real-time SSD health.   With Cervoz FlashMonitor, users can easily setup the alert parameters of monitoring values based on SSD condition, such as capacity, temperature and so on. The most important function is to predict the remaining SSD lifetime. With this software, users have enough time to prepare for the backup and replacement to avoid possible loss.   Cervoz FlashMonitor not only sends alert emails to all assigned users , but also come with pop-up alert for non-internet environment to achieve the best warning purpose.   * Support Windows and Linux For more details, please contact your Cervoz Sales Representative now.