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Cervoz 3D TLC Powerguard SSD_Power Loss Protection

Cervoz's M.2 2280 T376 family is the latest SSD product in a line-up that combines TLC technology with advanced data protection features. The line-up consists of products with two other form factors, 2.5" SATA and mSATA, all of which come with the Powerguard function. 

Powerguard (Power Loss Protection) is a Cervoz-developed technology that provides extra power during a power outage to complete the saving of data, thus preventing any data loss. Furthermore, unlike the earlier MLC series, the TLC series comes with the option of a write-protect feature. When the write-protect feature is turned on, these SSDs will be read-only, and no user will be able to write over or delete any data from them. This feature provides an additional layer of data security, whereby data is protected from any tampering or malicious use. 
T376 Family
Form Factor 2.5” SATA  mSATA M.2 2280
Special Functions
Powerguard (Power Loss Protection)
Write Protect (Optional)
Capacity 128GB~2TB 128GB~1TB 128GB~1TB
DRAM Buffer Included
Read/ Write (MB/s)
Up to 
560 / 495
Up to 
560 / 480
Up to 
555 / 475
Standard Temp.
Wide Temp.
Factory Automation / Government Agency 
Financial Institution / Casino Gaming
** Actual performance may differ based on different using conditions and environment.


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