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Factory Automation Solutions

Have you ever thought about the factories that manufacture your holiday presents? Like Santa's workshop, these places work around the clock to make sure that the shelves in stores and online are stocked for you. In recent years, more and more factories have gone autonomous, letting robots do the heavy lifting for maximum productivity and consistent quality.


This year, two key developments, the COVID-19 pandemic and 5G technology deployment, have accelerated factory automation. While the former has stressed the need for relying less on the human workforce, the latter has made it possible to use robotics instead. As the world learns to cope with COVID-19 and social distancing and work from home regulations, factory automation can help manufacturing and production meet deadlines as if nothing has changed. 
An automated factory, commonly known as a smart factory, requires connectivity.  Whereas a traditional factory has people working in sync, a smart factory has machines doing so instead. Machines are communicating with each other at all times, so data transmission needs to be uninterrupted. This key requirement calls for a strong wireless connection that is both stable and secure. Furthermore, the processing power and subsequent machine learning and decision making must be of the top caliber in order to reap the benefits of automation. 
For hardware, it is unsurprising that not all component parts are suitable for the factory setting. In a factory, conditions like extreme heat, exhaust and other discharges, and constant vibration make even the most firmly-built machinery prone to breakdown. The modules and other parts needed for factory automation need to cope with the environmental challenges, and consistently and reliably perform in the transmitting and storing of information. Any lag in processing power could cause a glitch in the system that would delay the timely production and delivery of the consumer goods.


Cervoz offers much-needed features, such as Powerguard (power loss protection) and conformal coating, with our products for factory automation applications. Our Flash and DRAM modules are highly reliable and stable to work 24/7. Our Mini PCIe Expansion Cards will maintain the connectivity amongst the machines. For wireless transmission, we offer the MEC-WiFi; for wired transmission, we offer the MEC-LAN. For other extensions, we have the MEC-COM solution that allows for connection to RS232/422/485 devices. Together, our products will automate your factory from network to machine. With our products, you can download the Cervoz FlashMonitor, our exclusive software monitor system that lets you know remotely how our solutions are performing and notifies you in real time if anything is wrong. 
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