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Cervoz 3D TLC Powerguard SSD Launched

T376 Family Powerguard SSD Storage

T376 Family Storage provides reliable, durable, and cost-effective solution for application where power-failure may take place.
The physical hardware design is able to provide 60 times of extra power to flush data from dram to flash than standard SSD storage, it's not only protecting data but also ensuring the integrity of SSD operations. 
Meanwhile, special firmware design optimizes SSD functionality suitable for industrial applications. 

Powerguard Test

Find the best suitable products from two different form factors


T376 Family

Form Factor 2.5” SATA  mSATA 
Capacity 128GB~2TB 128GB~1TB
DDR3 DRAM Buffer Included
Read/ Write (MB/s)
Up to 
560 / 495
Up to 
560 / 480
Standard Temp.
Wide Temp.
** Actual performance might differ based on different using conditions and environment.


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