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Success Story – SSD with Write Protect Function

Cervoz Case Study - SSD with Write Protection Function

With the increasing demand and development of the latest technology, the financial industry is facing complicated challenges, such as the issue of risk management, financial crime, network security, and customer private information protection.
The clients specializing in financial system integration, are eager to find a solution for data security and protection. Cervoz recommends the clients use our SSD with a write-protect function to protect important data. Cervoz's write-protect function is triggered by hardware. We designed a GPIO pin on the PCB which is connected to the SSD's controller. When the write-protect function activates, the controller will notify FTL (Flash Translation Layer) to avoid any written-in data.
The client can easily protect important data by turning on the write-protect (read-only) function. This function prevents data from tamper or being used maliciously.

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