New DDR5 Industrial Grade DRAM Modules

NEWS 2022.04.13

New DDR5 Industrial Grade DRAM Modules

Cervoz Announces New DDR5 Industrial Grade DRAM Modules for Diversified Industrial Applications

Cervoz announces the introduction of new industrial-grade DDR5 memory modules, DIMM and SO-DIMM 8G~32G, that feature enhanced capacity, stability, and power efficiency for high-bandwidth industrial applications such as data centers, AIoT, and machine learning.   

DDR5 DRAM Solutions

Unlike typical computers that allow users to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, embedded systems are task-specific and are expected to function for extended periods even in a harsh environment.
Higher Efficiency
One DIMM, Two Channels (2x Bandwidth)
The new DIMM channel architecture is updated with two independent 40-bit (32 data bits with eight ECC bits) subchannels per memory module (DIMM). With this new architecture, Cervoz DDR5 will significantly increase memory access efficiency and lower the latencies of data accesses for the memory controller.
Going Bigger 
Higher Capacity (4x Capacity)
Besides increased memory bandwidth, DDR5 will allow for individual memory chips up to 64Gbit in density, which is 4 time higher than DDR4's 16Gbit density maximum, enabling higher-capacity DIMMS.
Going Faster 
Greater Starting Speed performance (2x Speed)
DDR5 debuts at 4800MT/s, while DDR4 tops out at 3200MT/s, a 50% increase in bandwidth. In cadence with compute platform releases, DDR5 has planned performance increases that will scale to 6400MT/s, ideal for edge computing, IoT, 5G, surveillance, and industrial PC-related applications.
Greater Stability & Reliability 
On-Die ECC (Error Correction Code)
With on-die ECC (Error Correction Code), the DDR5 modules keep the system stable by self-correcting errors, effectively improving transmission reliability. ECC-enabled processors for servers and workstations feature the coding to correct single or multi-bit errors.

Cervoz industrial-grade DDR5 memory modules use original high-quality IC and capacities of 8GB ~ 32GB. Cervoz DDR5 is set to supersede DDR4 in almost every area – faster speeds, greater bandwidth, better power efficiency. For more information about Cervoz DDR5, please contact a Cervoz Sales Representative!