Anti-Vibration Fill

Anti-Vibration Fill - An effective option to protect your RAM module in the harsh environment.

In real-world industrial computing applications, more and smaller embedded devices are installed in harsh environments with constant shock or vibrations. The RAM modules inside these devices may be vulnerable to these impacts, causing poor contacts and connection.

Hence, Cervoz is now offering a value-added technology, Anti-Vibration Fill, to enhance the robustness of our DRAM modules. It is done by filling epoxy resin between the edges of PCB and RAM chips, therefore preventing the solder joints from coming loose.

Anti-Vibration Fill is now available for Cervoz Industrial RAM Module upon request.

  • Standard Series: DIMM and SO-DIMM Series (0°C~70°C)
  • Wide Temperature Series: DIMM and SO-DIMM Series (-40°C~85°C)
  • Server Series: DIMM and SO-DIMM with ECC and ECC with Registered DIMM

Anti-Vibration Fill provides extra endurance for RAM modules installed in critical applications, such as in-vehicle computing, machine automation, military and so on.