Success Story


  • 11-10-2018
    Success Story- Industrial Flash Module Case Study – The Usage of Huge Amount of Small Files

      Clients concern about the lifespan of SSD when they convert using from HDD to SSD, especially for those who need to store small files frequently. Following solution is how Cervoz product solves clients' problem.    Client's Application and Facing Issue The client, a printing machine manufacturer, needs a high endurance storage, which can handle a huge number of small 4K pages read and write continuously. The client problem is when the system writes a large number of small files to the SSD or handle lots of inbound and outbound data with various ways, the system will become slower and start to freeze. It takes time and more effort to check the system.    Cervoz Recommend  Cervoz recommends choosing our SSD with DRAM buffer designed to solve this problem. * Come with Cervoz FlashMonitor software, the customers have a comprehensive understanding of SSD health status.   Industrial 2.5" SATA SSD (M335 / R335)      Industrial Embedded Module mSATA (M335 / R335)