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  • 14-07-2021
    Hotel Solutions

      The hotel industry has been undergoing a major transformation since the Covid-19 pandemic began. The key issue any hotel has been grappling with is how to maintain its traditional level of hospitality while limiting interactions between staff and guest for safety reasons. The solution that many executives and experts in the industry are touting is technology. With technology, so much of the hotel experience can become contactless but still luxurious and convenient. A minimal-contact hotel experience relies heavily on the use of robots and voice-command functions. The former are being deployed in everything from carrying bags to cleaning rooms. The latter are used by guests within their rooms for the ultimate experience in convenience. Both are rooted in a network foundation with robust processing power.                                                                        The Cervoz bundle of solutions for the post-pandemic hotel includes our TLC SSDs, DDR4 DRAM, and MEC-WiFi. The T380 family of SSD is our go-to product for robust processing power and reliability. The SSD ranges from 64GB to 2TB in capacity, and is equipped with multiple Flash functions and features for protecting data integrity and the module's overall lifespan. To give the SSDs a boost, Cervoz offers the latest generation DDR4 DRAM for memory storage. Our DRAM products are tested to be compatible and reliable with multiple systems, so rest assured that they will work for your applications.  Finally, to ensure a steady network connection linking all these robots and your staff's control devices together, use the Cervoz MEC-WiFi solution. The mini expansion card is great for guaranteeing stable connection in a short-distance connection, such as within the confines of a hotel building.  Contact a Cervoz Sales Representative to learn more about hotel solutions!  

  • 30-06-2021
    Aeroponics Solutions

      Aeroponics is a very targeted and minimalist way of growing plants. It requires not a lot of space as it can be done vertically, and it requires no soil. What it does need is a reliable system that sprays a nutrient solution directly at the exposed roots of plants to promote efficient growth. So, while the actual growing of the plants may seem almost effortless, the behind-the-scenes work is anything but. Aeroponics requires a reliable computer that controls when sprinklers spray the plants, making the computer the brains of the operation.                   A comprehensive aeroponics system could include monitoring sensors. These would collect data about growth and transmit them back to growers so they may adjust growth techniques as they see fit.  We at Cervoz understand how storage solutions play an integral role in today's tech-based farming. For aeroponics, we recommend the T376 Family of storage modules with power loss protection. The extra power stored in these modules ensures that even during a power outage, the data being process is saved and thus any data loss is prevented. This is especially important as the computer needs to keep track of the nutrients that are being administered to the plants.  Depending on where the computer is located, one could ask for the module to be protected by our conformal coating, a thin protective film applied to products to protect against moisture, dust, chemicals, and sunlight. Given that the aeroponics system collects data to allow scientists to come up with better nutrient solutions and environmental condition combinations for plant growth, Cervoz has a comprehensive range of products to support data transmission. Namely, we have developed several expansion cards to help customers whose devices do not have enough I/O ports to support their needs. These include cards of Serial, Ethernet, SATA, USB, and WIFI functionalities to connect to other devices.                                                                      Cervoz is committed to staying at the forefront of the IPC market to provide customers with solutions to their unique needs. Contact the Cervoz Sales Team for more information.  

  • 02-06-2021
    Overheating Solutions

      Overheating is a problem that any machine or device powered by electricity can face. When a storage module overheats, it may start to malfunction. If overheating continues, it could cause the module to crash and threaten data integrity. Ultimately, the problem could reduce the device's expected lifespan and render it useless and in need of replacing.    As a leader in designing and developing Flash storage, Cervoz has engineered solutions to overheating to go along with its modules. Here are our three main solutions for thermal management and overheating protection.                     This feature will induce cooling until the device returns to a stable temperature. Once the temperature has decreased to a previously determined acceptable level, transfer speed will return to its optimum level.  On the hardware front, Cervoz provides two heat dissipation solutions for its M.2 PCIe modules. Since these modules are known for their fast data-processing capabilities, they are most prone to overheating.           Our tests on the Cervoz heatsink found that it can reduce operating temperatures by up to 15˚C compared to that of devices operating without it. On the software front, Cervoz presents the proprietary Cervoz FlashMonitor, free to download with the purchase of any of our storage products. The monitoring system shows in real time how Cervoz storage modules are doing, with temperature being one of the data it tracks.                   For any additional information on these solutions, contact our Cervoz Sales Rep now!   

  • 19-05-2021
    Power Outage Solutions

      Natural disasters can be unpredictable - in frequency, intensity and deadliness. A power outage is one of the most common issues that can result from a number of natural disasters. Snowstorms, earthquakes and floods can all mess up power lines and cut off electricity supply. Companies need to protect against such unpredictability by putting measures in place to keep their business safe.  In the current world of business, almost everything relies in some way or another on electricity. Even a few hours without power can severely impact business performance, productivity and profit. No power means factory production will stop; office operations will cease; and all data transmission and storage between server and end-user device will come to a halt.      To protect against power outages, businesses       use backup generators. However, in that split       second between the powers going out and the       generators turning on, they need something to       make sure the ongoing data transmission and       storage can safely and successfully take place.       This step is key in preserving data integrity and       ensuring proper operations once power       returns.   Cervoz developed its power loss protection technology specifically for situations like this. Named the Powerguard, it provides additional power during an unexpected power outage so that the storage module can complete the flash write operation in progress and thus protect data integrity.                    Both the Cervoz M336 and T376 product families        feature the Powerguard. The former uses MLC        technology, while the latter TLC technology. Each        comes in the SSD, mSATA, and M.2 2280 form        factors for a wide range of application needs.        With the Powerguard storage module, customers        can rest assured that they have taken care of the        last step in power outage protection.      Contact our Cervoz Sales Rep to discuss which solution best fits your needs!

  • 05-05-2021
    Kitchen Automation Solutions

      Even during a pandemic, we all have to eat. While some of us have the admirable resolve to cook every day, most of us get takeout at least once in a while. Eating at home certainly reduces the risk of catching the coronavirus, but many restaurants are stepping up their preventative measures to protect their customers by introducing robot cooks and automated kitchens.    Kitchen automation is a process that was already underway since before the Covid-19 pandemic. However, as many media outlets have reported, the coronavirus has seriously accelerated adoption of smart robotics in restaurant kitchens. Automation is uniquely positioned to address the challenges of labor shortage and food safety that many restaurants are facing due to covid. What storage solutions, then, are uniquely qualified to be used in these smart applications for the automated kitchen?       Whether it's oil, water, or smoke, there are a number of environmental factors that cooking robots are constantly exposed to. Thus, the embedded components inside need to be able to operate successfully under these conditions, so that the cooking robots can churn out dish after dish of delicious food without mistake. Other requirements include fast-processing speed and data integrity that one would expect to get restaurant orders right and serve up the right dish with the same quality always.                                                          Cervoz solutions can surely stand the heat and anything else that might be found inside a typical kitchen. For automated kitchens, we have SSDs in the T385 Family and the T376 Family, both of which are available in the wide temperature versions that can withstand extreme temperatures of -40˚C to 85˚C. Both SSDs can be equipped with conformal coating, Cervoz's technology to effectively protect component parts from moisture, dust, chemicals, and sunlight.    What sets the two families of SSDs apart is their intended function. The T385 comes with a DRAM buffer, so it is ideal for kitchens that may be taking in large and complex orders. The DRAM buffer improves both the flash product's performance and endurance.   The T376 comes with the Cervoz Powerguard, which protects against sudden power loss. If your kitchen is one that produces packaged foods around the clock for vending machines or convenience stores, then the T376 can help save any data being processed in the event of a power outage. This in turn ensures that everything will return to smooth operations once power is back on.   To avoid any unnecessary network cables in the kitchen, use the Cervoz M.2  WiFi card in automated kitchen applications. The MEC product allows for a stable network connection to transmit instructions and data to and from the cooking robots.   For more information on Cervoz kitchen automation solutions, contact our Sales Rep now!  

  • 21-04-2021
    Cervoz LinkedIn Page

      LinkedIn has really evolved from an online CV platform in the late 2000s to a professional network for career development, trending news, B2B marketing, and thought leadership. As a virtual community of professionals, it is unparalleled in the number of users on the platform.    In the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, we at Cervoz have chosen to use to LinkedIn as one of the primary ways to stay connected with our customers and industry peers. While we may not be able to meet with you physically at trade shows for a while, LinkedIn provides a way for us stay connected and for you to stay updated on everything Cervoz.                                This is everything from new product release to               This is the latest addition to the content Cervoz exciting company news. We share it on LinkedIn             produces. We write about the latest trends and  the moment it becomes available on our website             developments in the IPC and other related  and to our newsletter subscribers. Follow us on               industries. Follow us on LinkedIn so you know  LinkedIn so you always know what's new with                 what's going on in this giant ecosystem of ours. Cervoz.                            This is for those of you who want to know how                 This is when words and images are not enough   our storage solutions and embedded components              to show you our products' applications and uses.  can be and are being used. Follow us on LinkedIn             We make informational videos, accompanied with  to read about our success stories working with                  voiceover, to showcase our products and the  customers in a wide range of industries.                           technology behind them. Follow us on LinkedIn                                                                                      for these high-quality and informational videos.    Too long, didn't read? Just follow Cervoz on LinkedIn!  

  • 07-04-2021
    Smart Vending Machines on Trains

      The modern train is full of offerings that passengers a few decades ago could have never imagined. Of course, traditionally, most long-journey trains serve meals, but it is the variety and convenience of the food available that define the train-riding experience in the 21st century.    High-speed trains traveling across cities in countries like India and France are being equipped with smart food vending machines. These machines either sell food or tickets for hot meals. And, the food are not only the chips and chocolates one would expect from a standard vending machine.   On these trains, smart vending machines offer ready-to-eat food options as well as the more typical snacks. What passengers get are delicious offerings that can be conveniently retrieved. The option of cashless payments and ability to avoid standing in line waiting for your food lower any potential risk of infections in the time of Covid-19.      One can only imagine the technological upgrade needed to make such smart vending machines a reality. With a wider selection of food and a higher level of convenience, these machines require more data processing and storage power. Given their location on trains, they also need power loss protection and vibration resistance.                                                  Cervoz has been innovating alongside the transportation systems, anticipating your storage and memory solution needs. For smart vending machines, we offer the T385 and T376 families of SATA SSD.  With TLC technology, these disks can process information promptly and reliably so that no one is waiting long for their food or getting the wrong order. The T385 comes with a DRAM buffer which prolongs the life span and overall performance of the SSD, while the T376 is equipped with the Cervoz Powerguard, a power loss protection. The PLP ensures that in the event of a power outage an extra bit of power is provided to save any data being processed in the moment.   For additional storage support, we recommend our DDR4 DRAM products. Both storage and memory solutions are lined internally with an anti-vibration fill, which is an acrylic resin fill to secure PCB and main chips in their place and prevent solder joints from coming loose.   For the stable network required for data transmission, Cervoz offers MEC products, such as the Mini PCIe Ethernet Card and the M.2 WiFi Card, for you to choose from.    

  • 23-03-2021
    Smart Farming Solutions

      Agriculture is one of the largest and oldest industries in the world. Not only does it grow the food to feed the human population, but the agriculture industry is a major contributor to the economies of many countries, developed and developing. We have come a long way from the days of farming solely with the help of cattle. Advancements in technology, from electricity to heavy-duty vehicles, have revolutionized how we farm.      Smart farming is the latest frontier in agriculture's quest for productivity. The use of machines, sensors and management systems, all communicating via a network connection, can significantly increase harvest and reduce cost and labor. At each endpoint, the machines and devices involved need to have high-performing data processing capabilities. Smart farming relies on the data collected on soil and weather conditions in order to precisely respond to variability in the crops and yield more and better harvest.     More broadly, like any technology ecosystem, a stable network connection is fundamental in facilitating machine communication and proper operation. In the more rural setting of a farm, this can be a tricky challenge and thus a barrier to successfully implementing smart farming.                                                           Cervoz is prepared with embedded solutions for your smart farming needs. Our SSD products using TLC technology are all high performance solutions. The high IOPS allows devices in the smart farming ecosystem to gather and transmit data. Coupled with the DDR4 DRAM modules, these solutions are both high-performing and reliable.   For network connectivity, we have a number of expansion card solutions to guarantee a stable connection. The MEC-WIFI is suitable for short-distance transmission, while we would recommend the MEC-LAN and MEC-COM for longer distances.   Cervoz can incorporate a range of value-added services and features with these smart farming solutions. For instance, to protect the products from any environmental factors associated with farming, such as irrigating or fertilizing, use our conformal coating. Many of our products are tried and tested to perform normally in different environments, including difficult and rugged ones, so you can rest assured that you are investing in the right solutions.    

  • 10-03-2021
    Healthcare Solutions

      Point of Care (PoC) technology has transformed the delivery of health care. With PoC devices, medical professionals are able to perform a number of tasks at the patient's bedside. These tasks range vastly from updating a patient's records to video calling a remote specialist and even a quick ultrasound. PoC technology is the future of medicine, which is why it is vital that we provide the right hardware solutions to support it.                                                                         Cervoz's flash modules for healthcare applications meet both the performance and data integrity requirements. The T435 M.2 2280 NVMe PCIe Gen3x4 embedded module is a high-performing solution which at a capacity of 1TB has the capability of 2045MB/s sequential reading and 1845MB/s sequential writing. Like other TLC products, it is available with end-to-end data protection for detecting and correcting any errors that may occur in the long data transmission journeys.    Other TLC products such as the T385 Family and the T376 Family are suitable for PoC devices that run less complex operations but require just as much reliability. These products are equipped with DRAM buffers that minimize the wear on the products by reducing the number of P/E cycles the flash storage must perform.    At Cervoz, we are committed to providing the best storage solutions for your PoC devices so that you can deliver the best health care.  

  • 03-02-2021
    Thermal Imaging System Solutions

      A typical thermal imaging system consists of a few basic components: a well-pointed infrared camera, a reference source for the temperature calibration, and a connected monitor. It is easy to set up, and since the coronavirus outbreak in early 2020, it has become ubiquitous. Public transit, office buildings and grocery stores have installed them as a convenient and contact-free way to detect fever, one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19. The goal is to identify those who may potentially be infected with the virus and keep them from entering a public place and spreading it to more people.       The value of a thermal imaging system is that people can walk through relatively quickly and have any temperature abnormalities be detected. In other words, the system is processing a lot of data in a short span of time. First, the camera needs to detect the face of the person passing through and then assess the temperature based on the radiation emitted as compared to the blackbody (reference source). Meanwhile, the monitor shows what is captured by the camera, so there is no room for glitches or lag in the system. If the monitor cannot display what the camera is capturing in real time, this could potentially cause those watching the monitor to miss a person with an elevated body temperature.       Cervoz is prepared to combat this pandemic with you. We recommend our TLC T385 Family of SSDs, which has both the speed and reliability for such a fast-scanning operation and up to 2TB capacity for thermal imaging. T385 family SSDs come with a DRAM buffer that minimizes wear of the drive and improves its overall endurance, and a 3-year warranty suitable for the monitoring system which needs to work day in and day out.    Of course, speed means nothing without data accuracy and integrity. At Cervoz, we have developed technologies and features that assist our products to work better. End-to-End Data Protection provides comprehensive protection that covers the entire pathway for data transmission from the host computer to the SSD and back. Both End-to-End Data Protection and the Advanced LDPC ECC Engine can detect and correct errors in data transmission, thus maintaining data integrity.