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  • 13-01-2022
    Automated Optical Inspection

      When a traditional factory is transferred to a smart factory, more devices will be adopted to improve production performance. The vision machine system no doubt is one of the important devices and the Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is the eye of the quality control first step. AOI integrates with optics, mechanics, electronic control, and software to replace the human eye and the camera will autonomously scan the device under test for both catastrophic failure and quality defects. Challenges and Requirements Quality inspection is a critical step in the whole production flow. Traditionally, quality inspection was ensured by manual visual inspection (MVI), using humans to detect defects. Today, in the era of post-pandemic coupled with the development of industrial automation, factories reorganize their workforce to ensure the best utilization. Obviously, more and more workers will be replaced by machines, especially in labor-intensive industries. For example, factories use machine vision to replace human vision, artificial intelligence instead of the human brain. This replacement has accelerated the practice of AIOT.       What can Cervoz offer? To fulfill the stabilized transmission, including processing huge amounts of small images, Cervoz offers an industrial Optimized Endurance Flash solution that meets the requirement of writing large amounts of small-sized data into SSD quickly and accurately. A DRAM build-in designed flash module provides a temporary storage area for data and the chip acts as a directory that assists in allocating the data to the assigned positions that could improve performance by shortening data transmitted response time, simultaneously, increasing endurance by reducing P/E cycle erase times. Cervoz provides a Conformal Coating service for all DRAM and flash modules, allowing them to be protected by the thin protective film against moisture, dust, chemicals, e.g., in food processing factories where using AOI for grading and inspection in the humid and cold working environment. It not only enhances product reliability but also prolongs memory and storage lifespan. As for extreme environments, Cervoz products use industrial-grade ICs with strict compatibility test to ensure reliability can operate in extreme temperatures ranging from -40˚C~85˚C. Cervoz Powergard (Power Loss Protection,PLP) technology can prevent ongoing written-in data loss and ensure stability of data transmission when any power failure occurred. Cervoz Powregard as well as power stability, needless to say, indispensable to 24/7-run factories. Cervoz delivers a rich portfolio of high-performance DRAM module solutions and storage products to various industrial applications. Contact Cervoz for more industrial solutions.  

  • 15-12-2021
    Parking Lot Solutions

      Parking lots and garages have been around since we can remember. As automobiles and motorcycle ownership became commonplace, the infrastructure that house them did too.   Most parking facilities nowadays adopt self-service vending machines where people can park their cars, get a token and then pay when they are ready to leave or even more convenient with a machine at the front of the gate that scans the license plate and generates a ticket to be paid later. With the rising popularity of electric vehicles, many of these parking lots are also being equipped with EV charging stations. All of these operations add to the list of tasks parking lot systems need to handle.    As mentioned above, these parking lot self-service vending machines need to keep track of a lot of information, such as which parking spaces are occupied, how long each space has been occupied, etc. For charging stations, the overall managing system will need to know how much kilowatt-hour of energy is being used.                                   Cervoz recommends its special technology SSDs such as the military-grade M339 or its Powerguard M336 or T376. The military-grade SSD has a number of security functions that prevent hacking or tampering and ensures that data is kept safe both for the parking lot and the customers' benefit. The Powerguard SSD preserves data integrity in a different way—by providing an extra boost of energy in case of a power outage so that any data being processed at the moment can find its way safely written into the device.                                 Outdoor parking lots face the unique challenges of the environment, whether it be extreme temperatures, rain or even snow. All three of these families of SSDs can come with conformal coating, thus allowing them to be protected from environmental factors such as moisture, dust, chemicals, and sunlight. To further boost system performance, customers can pair the storage solutions with the Cervoz DDR4 DRAM, or the upcoming DDR5 DRAM, that can also be equipped with conformal coating. Contact a Cervoz Sales Rep. to learn more!

  • 24-11-2021
    Electronic Gaming Machines

      Upon arriving at a casino, what most patrons will see are rows and rows of game machines. These electronic gambling machines, though easy to use, are hard to beat, which is why casinos have so many of them. Most gambling machines are slot machines, which feature a simple game of chance whereby you win if you get a certain combination of the randomly generated symbols. Essentially, this is a game of probability, especially as these machines have been computerized, so what makes it hard to win is the sheer number of combinations available. With these gaming machines digitized, the one thing that casinos cannot have is a fail in the flow of data. The excitement that players get with these machines is that they can play, seemingly with no end in sight, and every time they pull the lever, the reels will spin and stop on a symbol.                                                                       Cervoz has worked with a number of customers specializing in making these machines. We generally recommend the T376 family of products: 2.5” SATA SSD and mSATA modules with a power loss protection as well as layers of data protection. Otherwise known as the Powerguard products, these Flash modules provide the extra boost of energy during a power failure to ensure that data being processed gets stored away. This mechanism is useful even in a casino where backup generators should be plentiful because in that split second between the electricity going out and the generator kicks in, data can easily be lost. The lost data presents a weird situation for both players and the casino where the odds of beating a game may change, which is why casinos try their best to avoid any data loss. In a similar way, data can be lost or manipulated by hackers. Once again, this would affect the probability of winning, which is why Cervoz's Powerguard products also come with a physical write-protect function and AES-256 bit encryption. When switched on, the write protect makes these products read-only so that no one can tamper with them. Similarly, the AES-256 bit encryption is the largest bit size encryption currently available, which makes the products virtually impenetrable by brute force. Contact a Cervoz Sales Rep. to learn more!

  • 20-10-2021
    3D Printing Solutions

      3D printing has come a long way since the first patent in the field was filed in the 1980s. Once used primarily for rapid prototyping, the technology can now be relied upon for full-fledged manufacturing. One of the key advantages of industrial 3D printing, as opposed to traditional modes of manufacturing, is that it uses only one machine to precisely create a product on a large scale. The reduced costs, fast turnaround, and high-level of precision associated with the technology make it a promising new way to approach manufacturing.                                                        In response to the growing number of enquiries about storage solutions for 3D printers, Cervoz is recommending the NVMe SSD from our T405 product family and the 2TB 2.5” SSD from our T380 product family for the OS and files, respectively. The T405 provides the fast operating speed needed for the 3D printer, and the T380 the reliability to process and read large volumes of data. To further help support the 3D printing process, Cervoz offers a range of latest-generation DDR4 DRAM modules in DIMM, SO-DIMM, and VLP-DIMM form factors. Our latest DDR5 products will launch towards the end of the year, new products that will be a good fit for 3D printers as well. Contact a Cervoz Sales Rep. to learn more!  

  • 06-10-2021
    Smart Traffic Management

      Traffic congestion is one of the most universal problems people living in cities face on a regular basis. Not only is it bad for the nerves, but heavy traffic can delay business operations and contribute to air pollution. This is why a major focus of governments planning their smart cities is traffic management.  Smart traffic management is the use of smart, IoT devices such as sensors cameras and routers to collect information about traffic conditions and adjust control signals such as traffic lights and highway message boards accordingly. Each device collects and transmits a unique set of data, including travel speeds and potential congestion, so the system can make the right decision to prevent heavy traffic and promote a smooth commute.         However, processing prowess alone is not enough. The application devices-the sensors and cameras-using these modules are located outdoors, where they are subjected to heat, rain and other environmental conditions. The modules need to withstand all these challenges while functioning at their prime.                                                                 The Cervoz T376 family of storage products is equipped with the transmission capabilities and protective technology to meet these challenges. Designed with a list of features, the high IOPS, TLC-technology storage modules come in a wide temperature version with thermal sensors, conformal coating, a DRAM buffer, and the Cervoz Powerguard (power loss protection). Together, these features allow the T376 products to operate at their best regardless of the outside temperature or conditions. To add more endurance to performance, the Cervoz DDR4 SO-DIMM is the latest generation DRAM module that complements the Flash modules. Paired together, this Cervoz duo provides the storage solutions for a smart traffic management ecosystem that is meant to make the city less congested and less polluted. Contact a Cervoz Sales Rep. to learn more!  

  • 08-09-2021
    Meat Processing Automation

      Meat processing is a labor-intensive operation that involves hand-eye coordination and dexterity to cut, saw, debone and package. The speed and pressure of the job, combined with the presence of sharp objects, have resulted in a high rate of injuries that employees sustain while on the job. Such labor challenges are the reason why, even before Covid-19 and the shortage of labor that came with it, the industry has been looking into and gradually adopting means of automation. As meatpacking workers continue to face health and safety risks, meat processors need to figure out how to further automate as soon as possible.         The ability to withstand extreme cold temperatures is one of the main requirements that storage modules must fulfill, no matter how big or small the operation in the plant. Other requirements include data-processing capability and speed. At the end of the workday, plants wash down their equipment for cleaning and sanitation. While industrial PCs in these settings typically have Ingress Protection (IP) at a level that offers resistance against high-pressure water jets, some plants may consider investing in water-proofing for internal components of their machines as well.                                                                    Cervoz has developed a range of storage and memory solutions suitable for automation. Particularly for meat processing plants, we recommend our Wide Temperature TLC SSDs. Our Wide Temperature storage modules can operate normally in extreme temperatures of -40˚C to 85˚C. The TLC technology, meanwhile, allows for the fast data transmission and storage that machines need to communicate and operate. For additional memory support, Cervoz offers the latest DDR4 DRAM modules, which also come in the wide temperature series, to facilitate the speedy transmission of volumes of data. For the additional layer of water-proofing, Cervoz can equip its Flash and DRAM products with conformal coating, the thin protective film protects against moisture, dust, chemicals, and sunlight. Think this may be the solution for your application? Contact a Cervoz Sales Representative now to learn more.   

  • 01-09-2021
    Cervoz LinkedIn Page

      Earlier this year, we at a Cervoz celebrated an important LinkedIn milestone: we reached 500 followers! We are so thankful to our followers for the likes, comments and shares. If you haven't already, we encourage you to follow us because we will be posting even better content in the second half of 2021.    Here is a glimpse of the types of content you can expected from the official Cervoz LinkedIn page:                              This is everything from new product release to               This is the latest addition to the content Cervoz exciting company news. We share it on LinkedIn             produces. We write about the latest trends and  the moment it becomes available on our website             developments in the IPC and other related  and to our newsletter subscribers. Follow us on               industries. Follow us on LinkedIn so you know  LinkedIn so you always know what's new with                 what's going on in this giant ecosystem of ours. Cervoz.                            This is for those of you who want to know how                 This is when words and images are not enough   our storage solutions and embedded components              to show you our products' applications and uses.  can be and are being used. Follow us on LinkedIn             We make informational videos, accompanied with  to read about our success stories working with                  voice-over, to showcase our products and the  customers in a wide range of industries.                           technology behind them. Follow us on LinkedIn                                                                                      for these high-quality and informational videos.    Too long, didn't read? Just follow Cervoz on LinkedIn!  

  • 25-08-2021
    Data Security Solutions

      Businesses have never been more vulnerable to hacks than they are now. So many operations and processes have gone digital and information are stored electronically that companies have to protect themselves against cyberattacks that can come from anywhere. A couple of the reported cases of ransomware attacks earlier this year in the US disrupted not only the companies under siege but also economic activities at large.  As the US reckons with improving its overall cybersecurity, countries and companies around the world can take the opportunity to make sure their defenses are intact.                                                                   Cervoz provides two main families of SSDs that offer a long list of security features. The M339 and T376 can both support AES 256-bit encryption, the largest bit size of encryption that makes data virtually impenetrable. Another useful layer of data protection is write protect, which, when switched on, makes data read-only and prevents any action from being taken towards the NAND Flash.  What is special about the M339 SSD is that it is a military-grade SSD. Compliant with the US military standard MIL-STD-810G, the SSD has features such as quick erase and physical destroy, the former erases all information on the SSD within seconds and restores it to its original settings while the latter destroys the SSD and makes it inoperable.  Interested in adopting these secure SSDs for your applications? Contact a Cervoz Sales Rep now!   

  • 11-08-2021
    Olympics Broadcasting Technology

      The Tokyo 2020 Olympics officially concluded last week. While the focus was on the athletes and their performance in their respective games, we at Cervoz took notice of the different technology broadcasting networks rolled out for the unprecedented no-spectator Olympics.  This year, the Olympic Broadcasting Services introduced new replay, imaging and 360 view systems. These, coupled with the VR apps that a few major networks offered, made for a truly immersive viewing experience that made audiences feel as though they were right there at the games in Tokyo.                                                                        If you are in the broadcasting or imaging technology industry, Cervoz has curated a pair of modules for your application needs: the Cervoz T435 NVMe PCIe GEN3x4 SSD and the DDR4 3200 DRAM. The SSD is our fastest processing storage solution and is made to endure all the operations it does with a built-in DRAM buffer. The design of the SSD uses a DRAM chip as a buffer that collects small amounts of data from the controller and compiles them into a block-size data that the NAND Flash can then process in one go. In doing so, not only will the mechanism increase data reading speed, but it will also decrease NAND P/E cycle erase times thus extending the NAND Flash's endurance. To further supplement the performance of the SSD, the DDR4 DRAM module helps with volatile memory. The DRAM products are tested to be compatible and reliable with multiple systems, so rest assured that they will work for your applications.  

  • 28-07-2021
    New MEC-LAN Products

      Cervoz is proud to launch four new MEC products in its Ethernet series. The new generation of MEC-LAN solutions has passed the 2.5KV surge test and comes in Mini PCIe and M.2 (B+M key) 2242/2260/2280  three-in-one form factors, giving customers more flexibility of fit.                                                                                                                                                        All four new MEC-LAN solutions employ industrial-grade components and original ICs from major brands, and are engineered with isolation design. Certified to withstand a 2.5KV electrical surge, the solutions guarantee protection for their component parts and endurance of smooth operations.  The new M.2 (B+M key) 2242/2260/2280 form factor is a three-in-one card that is designed with flexibility in mind. The product comes in the M.2 2280 form factor but can be broken off to become a M.2 2260 or broken down further into a M.2 2242. The flexibility to shorten the MEC-LAN gives customers the option to order one product that works for multiple locations on an application device's motherboard and their respective space constraints.   The new generation of MEC-LAN products promises flexibility and options as well as performance and reliability.                                                                                                                    Model No. MEC-LAN-M101i MEC-LAN-M102i MEC-LAN-2001i MEC-LAN-2002i Form Factor Mini PCIe M.2 (B+M Key) 2242/2260/2280 Interface 1 x RJ45 2 x RJ45 1 x RJ45 2 x RJ45 Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C -40°C ~ 85°C -40°C ~ 85°C -40°C ~ 85°C Complies with EN61000-4-2 (ESD) Air-15kV, Contact-8kV Complies with EN61000-4-4(EFT) 2kV Complies with EN61000-4-5 2kV Surge protection MECFIX It is a unique mounting designed to allow versatile mounting options. Contact a Cervoz Sales Representative to learn more about flexible MEC-LAN solutions!