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Success Story- How to Maintain and Enhance Your Smart Logistics Solution?

As social distancing started to become the new norm for consumers, new data shows that demand for E-commerce is deliberately increased and exceeding historical records compared to the same period in previous years.  However, complexity of goods, diversity of order combinations with required efficiency for distribution and logistics are the major challenges behind E-commerce which need to be overcome.
Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is one of the links to newly bloomed “smart logistics”.  When central warehouse system receives a shipping order, it will analyze and locate the most nearby AGV robot to pick 
up required products required for this order and issue a series of pick-up instructions to it. Scanning signage such as QR Codes on the ground to navigate itself throughout the warehouse and take the most efficient route or turn at a correct angle without collision to shelves or other AGV before reaching destination. Each AGV needs to accept instructions from its central command system anytime and respond to the movement and messages every second to achieve the most streamlined movement and maintain an high pick-up accuracy.

Cervoz MLC M335 Family has various form factors, mSATA
M.2 2280/ 2242 small size can be used in compact and all-in-one 
computer, DRAM buffer design can process all kinds of small file 
commands quickly, and meanwhile, it will enhance flash endurance 
compare to standard flash storage. It suits working 24/7 and 
constantly write-in environments just like AGV applications.                                                                

M335 Family mSATA, M.2 2280/ 2242

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