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The hotel industry has been undergoing a major transformation since the Covid-19 pandemic began. The key issue any hotel has been grappling with is how to maintain its traditional level of hospitality while limiting interactions between staff and guest for safety reasons. The solution that many executives and experts in the industry are touting is technology. With technology, so much of the hotel experience can become contactless but still luxurious and convenient.

A minimal-contact hotel experience relies heavily on the use of robots and voice-command functions. The former are being deployed in everything from carrying bags to cleaning rooms. The latter are used by guests within their rooms for the ultimate experience in convenience. Both are rooted in a network foundation with robust processing power.



The Cervoz bundle of solutions for the post-pandemic hotel includes our TLC SSDs, DDR4 DRAM, and MEC-WiFi. The T380 family of SSD is our go-to product for robust processing power and reliability. The SSD ranges from 64GB to 2TB in capacity, and is equipped with multiple Flash functions and features for protecting data integrity and the module's overall lifespan. To give the SSDs a boost, Cervoz offers the latest generation DDR4 DRAM for memory storage. Our DRAM products are tested to be compatible and reliable with multiple systems, so rest assured that they will work for your applications. 

Finally, to ensure a steady network connection linking all these robots and your staff's control devices together, use the Cervoz MEC-WiFi solution. The mini expansion card is great for guaranteeing stable connection in a short-distance connection, such as within the confines of a hotel building. 

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