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Cervoz 3D NAND SSD Product Line in 2019

Cervoz 3D NAND SSD Product Line in 2019
With the growing demand for the huge amount of Data Calculation, Edge Computing, Big Data, IoT and IIoT. Cervoz reveals 3D NAND SSD product line to fulfill this upcoming requirement of the industrial market. 
Cervoz Titan Series adopt industrial-grade 3D TLC NAND. The firmware optimized for the industrial application, SLC Writing Cache to increase performance and endurance, End-to-End Data Protection to detect and correct any possible error to enhance reliability. Come with Cervoz FlashMonitor software for comprehensive monitoring of real-time SSD health status. 
Form Factor : 
2.5", mSATA, M.2 2242/2280
Intelligent SLC Caching 
Industrial-Grade 3D NAND End-to-End Data Protection 
Capacity : 64GB ~ 1TB Advanced LDPC ECC Engine



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