Blog Post: Choosing Storage Modules

If you’re reading this, chances are you are in need of storage modules. First of all, thanks for considering Cervoz. While we will link to a few of our products and website pages in this post, we want these guidelines to be helpful to you regardless of the company you choose to purchase from. Below are the key factors our in-house R&D and engineering teams stress you should consider when making you choice.


Knowing what you need the storage solution for is perhaps the most important factor in determining which model to get. The application, and what it is expected to do and for how long at a time, will determine the technology the module should feature. For example, if you are procuring storage modules for a 5G application, then TLC products are a must because of the ability to process large volumes of data quickly and without failure. 


Certain industries will have fixed standards for the performance levels of their applications. This can be the U.S. military standard MIL-STD-810G or the road vehicle ISO-16750-3 standards, to name a couple. Understanding what the industry your product will ultimately operate in helps you to get a sense of the certain product parameters and corresponding standards your storage module needs to meet. You can then use this to discuss with sales representatives from any company you are looking at to see if they may have a suitable product for you. 

Environmental Conditions:

While this may partially have to do with industry, environmental conditions can also differ for applications within the same industry. Smart robots working the assembly line in a factory require capabilities vastly different from those their counterparts inspecting the pipelines of said factory do. Namely, pipeline robots will require the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, whereas robots assembling things will not. Thus, knowing what environmental conditions a product will need to withstand can help with figuring out the features and technologies it may require.

Current Concerns:

This last factor is more internal than external for you and your company. Whether you are searching for a storage solution for an existing product or a new product, there must be a reason why you are looking. It could be that the price of the storage solution you currently employ has gone up, or it could be that the solution no longer fulfills all your application needs. Especially given the current global chip shortage, you may need to look elsewhere other than your usual supplier to secure the storage modules you need at the price you can afford. Whatever the reason, as long as you know it, you are already on your way to making a better decision about which module to purchase than if you didn’t. 


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