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Businesses have never been more vulnerable to hacks than they are now. So many operations and processes have gone digital and information are stored electronically that companies have to protect themselves against cyberattacks that can come from anywhere. A couple of the reported cases of ransomware attacks earlier this year in the US disrupted not only the companies under siege but also economic activities at large. 

As the US reckons with improving its overall cybersecurity, countries and companies around the world can take the opportunity to make sure their defenses are intact.



Cervoz provides two main families of SSDs that offer a long list of security features. The M339 and T376 can both support AES 256-bit encryption, the largest bit size of encryption that makes data virtually impenetrable. Another useful layer of data protection is write protect, which, when switched on, makes data read-only and prevents any action from being taken towards the NAND Flash. 

What is special about the M339 SSD is that it is a military-grade SSD. Compliant with the US military standard MIL-STD-810G, the SSD has features such as quick erase and physical destroy, the former erases all information on the SSD within seconds and restores it to its original settings while the latter destroys the SSD and makes it inoperable. 

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