Success Story


Success Story: Ship Engine Monitoring

Case Background

While the world's shipping industry emphasizes shipping safety, reliability, and economy, the requirement of ship equipment monitoring is also getting higher, including, of course, ship engine monitoring.

Our customer is one of the leaders for industrial computer in Indonesia market. Their business focus on Industrial Computer, Automation & Control System and goal is to provide the most helpful industrial solutions to their customers. They executed a project, and its purpose were saving fuel consumption by way of real-time ship engine monitoring. Hence, they struggled to provide suitable storage solutions for the onboard computer systems on ships.

Customer's Requirement


Cervoz's Solution & Advantage


Cervoz recommends the customer to adopt Powerguard SSD with power loss protection feature to prevent any unexpected power loss on ship caused by engine failures or extreme sea conditions.                             


Cervoz industrial wide-temp SSDs and memory modules which have been tested to withstand a wide
range of temperature conditions, from -40˚C~85˚C can ensure its product performs well under any
severe conditions for all-weather application.


Cervoz Conformal Coating and Anti-Vibration Fill value-added service on industrial-grade SSDs and memory modules allow its products against severe weather, moisture, corrosion, and huge with constant vibration.


Cervzo FlashMonitor, a flash disk monitor software, allows crew always stay on top of storage devices. It features an alert function whereby users can set up the tool to send an email and pop-up alerts when key SSD operation-related figures fall to or reach a pre-set threshold.


The Cervoz storage solutions have helped our customer to provide reliable and durable products for the marine industry. Their goal of increasing fuel saving with real-time ship engine monitoring is now easier to achieve than ever.

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