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In-Vehicle Solutions

Modern ground vehicles, whether for transportation or heavy duty, are moving computers. Their functions rely heavily on the performance of the computing systems as they do on the personnel handling them. Usually, the larger the vehicle, the more complex the system or systems used to operate them. These in-vehicle applications range from fleet management to navigation and surveillance, all of which are important tasks that the vehicle cannot do without.
Below are the most typical challenges for in-vehicle applications and Cervoz's corresponding technologies to solve these problems.

All our in-vehicle products comply with ISO-16750-3 standards, ensuring that they can withstand shock and vibration both while in operation and not. The in-operation test requires that the products be able to withstand continuous shock and vibration for a continuous 24 hours, while the non-operation test requires the products to survive a 6-face drop test from an altitude of 100cm. These tests simulate the conditions that in-vehicle products may experience in real life, making sure that they can perform normally under such extreme cases.  
Cervoz's Wide Temperature memory and storage modules can withstand a larger range of temperatures than their average counterparts. As opposed to the regular 0˚C to 70˚C temperature range, wide temperature products can sustain normal operations between -40˚C to 85˚C. Furthermore, Cervoz's products are integrated with built-in thermal sensors that help avoid their overheating. 
A feature design of Cervoz's products is End-to-End Data Protection. This comprehensive protection covers the entire pathway for data transmission from the host computer to the SSD and back. Having multiple points of protections ensures that data integrity is preserved, especially since the protection detects and corrects any errors that may occur in these long vehicular journeys. 
The Powerguard (Power Loss Protection) function protects sudden interruptions to data transmission and storage during a power outage by providing just enough extra power to facilitate the completion of ongoing processes. 
We understand the challenges for in-vehicle applications and have designed memory and storage products that address them and perform to your satisfaction.


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