Embedded Computing

An embedded computer is specifically designed for a particular kind of application device, the installation space for these computers is normally very limited, and therefore embedded computers are ideally designed in small sizes. Some embedded computers do not have HDD/SSD bays available; instead there are only memory card slots or simply PATA or SATA sockets available inside of the systems.

With technology developments, there are more and more industries implementing embedded computers into their applications. However due to the storage designs of these embedded computers, there is not a wide range of flash modules to choose from in the consumer market.

Cervoz offers various Industrial Memory Cards and Industrial Embedded Modules with comprehensive small size form factors and interfaces which are ideal for embedded computer applications. Users can simply install the memory cards into the slots or small size PATA & SATA flash modules inside of the embedded computers. Products are available in SLC, RO-MLC and MLC technologies.

As for memory products, Cervoz offers a whole series of DDR2, DDR3 VLP (Very Low Profile) and DDR4 DRAM modules, which would fit perfectly into your embedded computer applications.

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