Medical applications demand very high standards for safety and reliability. They need to address such issues as patient privacy and rigid regulatory compliances.
Technology in the medical field should be fast, accurate, reliable and interoperable with connected devices to improve the quality of patient care and avoid or minimize medical errors. Additionally, health care applications require prompt access to and retrieval of patients’ historical medical records so medical practitioners can provide the best treatment at the most opportune time, especially in critical moments when even milliseconds matter in saving a person’s life.
Cervoz has various form factor flash module adopts superior Flash IC includes endurance MLC , Reliability Optimized MLC and Powerguard function product to make sure the data can be processed correctly in real time to avoid putting lives in risk.

Recommended Products

  • Industrial 2.5" SATA SSD ( R335 / R336 / M335 / M336
  • Industrial mSATA Embedded Module ( R335 / R336 / M335 / M336
  • Industrial M.2 2280 ( M336 )
  • Legacy Products - DDR1~DDR4 DIMM / SO-DIMM

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