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Cervoz develops, produces and markets industrial storage and memory products for the professional, critical, and diverse industrial applications. Established in 2006, Cervoz specializes in embedded components for the demanding Industrial PC market and has built up our industry experience for almost a decade. We deeply understand this industry, and thus are able to offer our high quality embedded products with legacy and mainstream technology, long-term availability, BOM (bill of material) control, high reliability and top compatibility.

Cervoz FlashMonitor

Cervoz® FlashMonitor is specialized flash disk monitoring software developed in-house dedicated to monitoring Cervoz's disks' health.

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Cervoz's New Company Video Release Now !

Cervoz is proudly launching a new company introduction video on our website, let's watch it!

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Cervoz Industrial SSD

Product line includes various Solid State Disks with different interfaces, IDE and SATA.

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Cervoz Industrial Memory Card

Product line includes CompactFlash Cards and CFast Cards.

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Cervoz Industrial Embedded Module

Product line includes all form factors of flash modules which are to be installed on an internal socket of a computer.

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Cervoz Industrial RAM Module

Product line includes all RAM modules in different form factors with standard and wide temperature operating ranges.

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Mini PCIe Expansion Card

Product line includes various PC I/O functionalities for embedded PC expansion.

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Making Memories for Industry

Press Center

  • 22-02-2017

    Cervoz Powerguard mSATA - The Smallest Solution to Protect Data Against Sudden Power Loss!

    Along with embedded systems and devices became smaller, Cervoz designs the smallest form factor M336 family Powerguard mSATA with Power Loss Protection (PLP) function which can prevent data corruption when power is lost or unstable, it comes with sufficient tantalum capacitors to store extra charges which will have more time saving the ongoing files and safely terminate the operation in order to guard the storage. Cervoz Powerguard mSATA can provide more than 35 times discharge time than standard mSATA. The plenty of time is not only protect data and also protect the integrity of mSATA operations. Available capacity from 32GB to 128GB. It is the ideal product to protect customer’s data and suitable for critical industrial applications, such as networking, server / cloud, vehicle, medical, surveillance and data center.

  • 23-11-2016

    Cervoz New DDR4 DRAM Modules for Wide Temperature Applications

    Next generation DDR4 DRAM module offers superior performance at speeds of 2133Mhz and 2400Mhz for faster data processing. Furthermore, less 20% power consumption than DDR3 which is more suitable for industrial embedded computing application. Cervoz is pleased to launch new DDR4 Wide Temperature DRAM Modules which undergo rigorous high and low temperature stress testing (-40° C to +85° C ) to ensure reliability and compatibility. Cervoz DDR4 Wide Temperature DRAM Modules is well-suited to operate in industrial harsh environments, as well as transportation, automation, military, medical, and outdoor applications. Key Features: ● Wide operating temperature range: -40° C to +85° C ● Passed in-house reliability and compatibility testing ● JEDEC standard compliant 


  • Cervoz FlashMonitor

    Cervoz® FlashMonitor is specialized flash disk monitoring software developed in-house dedicated to monitoring Cervoz's disks' health. Disk relevant information and health conditions can be checked and monitored in real time, preventing functional degradation and predicting disk lifespan.   Please contact with our sales representative for detail information about Cervoz® FlashMonitor.

  • Flash Module with DRAM Buffer

    The purpose of designing an additional DRAM chip into the flash module is to increase both performance and endurance. Performance : A DRAM chip in a flash module has exactly the same function as a cache in a hard disk.  Whilst the flash module is in operation the controller throws small data into the DRAM chip for immediate responses; the DRAM chip acts as a directory that assists the controller to allocate data to the assigned positions.  Therefore it shortens the response time and increases the performance. Endurance : Comparing Flash Storage to DRAM, DRAM does not have any limitation of program/erase cycles, whereas Flash Storage does.  Every time when the controller tries to program a sector of data into Flash Storage, it needs to erase a whole block of Flash before re-programming it.  However with the DRAM buffer small data can be collected to a certain amount before delivering to the Flash Storage which reduces the program/erase times to the flash chips, and therefore increases the endurance.  

  • Reliability-Optimized MLC (Cervoz Reliance Series)

    Cervoz Reliance Series utilizes our “Reliability Optimized-MLC (RO-MLC) Technology”.  We adopt specialized firmware to control MLC NAND flash which only uses the strong pages of MLC NAND as storage; the technology is manipulated at the block level, and with each block's capacity halved by treating it as SLC.   As a result, RO-MLC improves its performance by a substantial margin: Data retention is increased 5 times, and most importantly reliability is 10 times higher than conventional MLC NAND Flash.  RO-MLC offers higher density solutions at lower costs compared to conventional SLC NAND Flash, and at the same time optimizing its reliability and performance.     Cervoz’ unique technology has made our Reliance Series (RO-MLC Technology) an extremely high price-performance ratio, and the price is only double than MLC.  In return performance, data retention and reliability are more than double (SLC is typically around 4~6 times higher in price than MLC).  Our Reliance Series is a perfect solution for semi-industrial & industrial applications that require moderate to high read and write cycles while also demanding cost effective solutions.   Cervoz offers various flash modules with the RO-MLC technology, including 2.5” SATA SSD, CompactFlash Card, and CFast Card.